Achievements I've Accepted I'll Never Get

Every once and awhile a game comes along with an achievement or two that I have to accept I can never obtain. I'll have spent hours upon hours trying to conquer the task before me, and time and time again I will fail. These games contain those few special achievements I have sweet blood to get, but alas, have never, and will never, obtain.  
The list goes from 1-7. It starts with achievements I simply didn't want to finish or became boring to finish and leads to achievements I pulled my hair out and spouted tears of frustration only to fail at repeatedly. 
Some profanity is included when I rememeber the anger that built up inside me while writing about these games.

List items

  • "Getting Up" , "Audiophile(Secret)"

    I was determined to get 100% completion in the original Saint's Row. I loved the game. I downloaded and printed out maps that showed me the locations of all the hidden CD's and Spray Tag locations. I went around the entire map...twice. And at the end of that, I was still missing 2 tags and 1 CD. At this point, I gave up. Who wouldn't have?

  • "Endangered Species"

    This is one achievement I gave up on, not because it was difficult, but because it was tedious. I got to around 50/200 when I stopped and realized I was wasting alot of my time for a mere 50 points. There are some who have the patience for this and I salute them.

  • "Marathon"

    I'm sure there are alot of people with me on this. Just beating the Extreme courses is a test of patience, but having to beat 20 courses without failing once is ridiculous. To the two Giant Bomb users who actually have this achievement, I offer my congratulations and advise them to go outside once and awhile.

  • "War Hardened"

    The first Call of Duty game I played. Wasn't it awesome? Then I bumped up the difficulty to Veteran to get the achievements. It stopped being awesome and became extremely frusturating. Praying to every god in the book just hoping to hit a checkpoint before a random grenade ruined 20 minutes of slow, careful progress. Eventually, I got to a mission that I simply could not advance past the first checkpoint in no matter which way I went or what strategy I used. One of the first games I accepted defeat to on my Xbox360.

  • "Vidmaster: Endure"

    I don't care about Recon Armor. I just wanted this achievement. it's the only one for this game I do not have. On two occasions I have spent two hours with friends blasting away at wave after wave in firefight only to have the connection drop. It once happened as the final wave (60) was starting. I punched things, threw things, and from that moment vowed I'd never attempt it again. Maybe one day I will, but my friends all got it on their own so I'm out of luck for now.

  • "Mile High Club"

    I've followed every YouTube guide I can imagine. I have every other achievement and I spent lots of the time getting those screaming, cursing, and almost breaking a controller. But "Mile High Club" is impossible. I know plenty of people have done it, but it's fucking impossible. I've gotten within feet of the hostage door on several occasions, but the timer always ticks down to zero. I'm done getting sore throats and gray hairs for this achievement. It's 20 points I will never get.


    I've tried. Oh how I've tried. You think I haven't tried? Hours spent trying to beat just one level and facing failure repeatedly. There are times every few months where I think to attempt this game again and I immediately block those thoughts out with memories of my constant defeat. I appreciate it for what it is and the nostalgia factor, but I can safety say, fuck this game.