Games I Played just for Achievement Points

Ah achievement points. We all love em', but there are times when we find ourselves playing games just to boost our scores. I'm a one guilty of such things. The following list contains those games I've subjected myself to just to raise a meaningless score.......which still isn't high enough... 
You may notice the list starts off with some admittedly decent games. However, as my addiction grew, my taste swiftly declined.

List items

  • Now this first game isn't bad at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed my time with it. However, the sole purpose of shelling out the $60 at launch was for the easy points. Just set the difficulty to easy, and haymaker your way to 1000.

  • Another decent game. Yes, I certainly relived some childhood memories during my playtime. However, the $30 spent was not for nostalgic reasons. I paid $30 for the easy 1000 points.

  • Here's a game I actually wanted. I played the first Godfather and was actually on the fence about the second. What tipped me over to the side of buy? Why the 1000 points I currently have of course.

  • Here's a game I didn't actually play the whole way through. It just became boring. However, had I had a few hours more patience I'd have 1000 instead of 600.

  • Honestly, who didn't play Avatar? Simply press a button for around thirty seconds and you have 1000 shiny new points added to your score. Was it easy? Yes. Was it a waste of time? Yes. Do I regret it? Well...I do have that extra 1000...

  • Admittedly, Lost is an intriguing television show. I stopped watching after season one. So why pick up a game I probably won't understand or care about? If you're this far down the list, do I really need to spell out the answer for you?

  • A terrible game based on a mediocre film. But hey, beat it once through on hard difficulty and you'll never have reason to play it again.

  • This has to be a new low for me. I found it used for $9.99 and even at that cheap, the game I subjected myself to was dull, repetitive, easy, and, thankfully, short. I may have the 1000 points, but this game took a small piece of my soul with it back to the store from which it came. Worst part? I had to play through it twice.

  • A generic, dull, ugly shooter placed into my Xbox360 for some quick points. In one night, I had beaten it's ridiculously short campaign 3 times (once per difficulty) to end up with all but one of it's single player achievements. The pain didn't last long, but it was there...oh was it there...