Games I Really Wanted To Love

We all have expectations. Sometimes they are met and we feel good about our ability to judge the quality of a product before it's available. However, there are times when a product is released and we have a feeling of disappointment and utter sadness. The following list contains games I really wanted to love from the second I heard about them, but ultimately did not live up to the expectations I had set. 
Some may say it's selfish to blame a game for not meeting what I expected. Well to them I say..SHHHHHHH! 
And no, these are in no particular order.

List items

  • Damn you Jack Bauer. Your ability to survive life and death situations by the smallest of odds every year on 24 is a real treat to watch...well atleast until season 6 took a steep curve in overall quality. Still, as a fan of the show, I really wanted to love this game. It certainly wasn't terrible, especially for fans like me, but there was so much potential wasted on terrible driving, average shooting, and stupid stealth. But hey, at least the interrogations were cool.

  • Not a bad game by any means. I'd even go as far as to say it's solid. But after the rush provided by Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3 felt rushed and unsatisfying. Not a real surprise seeing as how it was cranked out in under a year. The gameplay had no real bad elements, but it didn't have the same "oomph" as CoD2 or the sequels to follow.

  • *Sigh*. How could Riddick go wrong? Forgetting the second movie starring Riddick, he was having a pretty good track record. The original Buther Bay was fantastic. And it still held up in this port to the Xbox360. However, Dark Athena was a real disappointment. Recycled elements and an overall lackluster campaign and story made this one half of a game better left unplayed.

  • ......Let's move on quickly before i vomit in my mouth

  • WIth the 360 rapidly approaching it's launch, this looked like the ultimate racing game to kick off the system. Fast, lots of explosions, and overall, just plain fun mayham. Instead, it was just.....well plain.

  • This game has "Stunt Position". By default, it should be awesome. It wasn't.

  • I know, I'm surprised by this inclusion as well. Despite all the critic praise surrounding Okami, I just could not get into it. I found myself bored while playing it. I appreciate it for what it is and it certainly is an artistic masterpiece, but I could not get myself to like this game. Sorry fanboys.

  • Imprecise motion controls and an overall lackluster campaign made Red Steel a game I have to force myself to finish. It's not terrible, but it certainly was not good.

  • So many bugs and unpolished mechanics. I had some fun rolling around L.A. as an angry asian cop with dual pistols, but it was not all it could have been. But hey, you can play as Snoop Dog.

  • I like Brutal Legend. It has great characters, humor, and setting. There's alot to iike. I knew about all the gameplay stuff going in so I wasn't shocked about the melting pot of gameplay elements. But they simply didn't feel right, especially the Real TIme Strategy elements. There's nothing bad about it, just nothing particularly good either. Again, I like Brutal Legend. I just don't LOVE Brutal Legend.

  • Soooooo much potential. And it was not executed badly. But numerous odd gameplay decisions make Scribblenauts difficult to enjoy for long stretches of time. I do not hate this game. But I expected so much more out of it. I'll still mess with it from time to time, but any prolonged exposure to this game will do nothing but upset me. LET ME USE THE DAMN D-PAD!