Top 10 XBLA Titles

While we're all looking forward to the next big retail release, there are plenty of downloadable games to get excited about thanks to Xbox Live Arcade. Their cheaper than the big new releases, but that by no means indicates they are any less fun or of a poorer quality. There are some terrible ones to be sure, but there are many reasons to spend those extra Microsoft Points.  
This list contains the top ten XBLA games, in my opinion. I'm sure some of your favorites are on here and some are not, but we can all agree there are certainly alot of good games to download on the cheap. 
This list goes is order from the games I liked alot, to games that ate up days of my life.

List items

  • There's something about carefully rolling a marble around a hazard filled maze and just barely making it to the goal that's very addicting. Then you realize you didn't beat your previous time, so you do it all again.

  • Everyone loves classic Pac-Man. This update to the classic formula was fresh, colorful, and oh so addicting.

  • It's Peggle. Who doesn't love Peggle? I mean, come on man, IT'S PEGGLE!

  • Trails went from fast and loose in the early stages to slow and precise as you moved on. The Hard and Extreme tiers certainly caused yelling, cursing, and pleading with the gaming Gods and I hit the 500 retry limit more then a couple of times. But finally conquering these stages was some of the most satisfying moments I've ever had in gaming.

  • The first Geometry Wars Evolved was a smash hit when XBLA launched because it was fun, frantic, and extremely addicting. The sequel took that same idea and expanded on it with new game types that tested various reflexes and multiplied the colorful, techno inspired presentation to level of pure beauty.

  • A fun, cartoony presentation, an insane lovable lead character, and great platforming and puzzles made 'Splosion Man loads of fun to blast through. And lets not forget it has probably the single greatest ending ever.....EVER.

  • Take the classic beat-em' up genre, add a cartoony but not-so-innocent art style and humor, and then add 4-player co-op and you can see why Castle Crashers became extremely popular. It was a crazy journey filled with Knights, Monsters, a few Princesses and, of course, pooping forest animals.

  • The original Bionic Commando on NES was a cult classic. This remake brought the series back in a big way with a long adventure. Responsive controls that made swinging and shooting extremely fun and great looking 3D graphics showed everyone the right way to bring back a franchise.

  • Large maps? Check. Destrutable environments? Check. Full scale, 24 player multiplayer? Wow, I should run to the store and grab this game. Wait, it's on XBLA for only $15?

    Despite a shaky start the first few days with overloaded servers thanks to the games popularity, Battlefield 1943 gave players alot of bang for their buck. There are those who play this game as religiously as Call of Duty 4. Who can blame them?

  • The cream of the crop for Live Arcade games. This Metroid-style, side-scrolling shooter was extremely hard to put down. There were so many things to collect and the constant drive to level up all the way to 50 was very addicting. It was such a quality product and well polished all around. I played through it around 5 or 6 times and was never bored. It was a hell of a ride and I hope for a sequel in the future.