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The Definitive Gears of War Package 0

The Gears of War franchise has always been high caliber offering visceral action, top-notch visuals and tons of excessive gore. Gears of War 3 is no different, but manages to surpass that level of quality in just about every aspect. By offering a surprisingly well done narrative, a slew of modes that appeal to a wide variety of players and a gorgeous presentation, Gears of War 3 is, without a doubt, the best and most fully featured game in the series to date.Taking place two years after the eve...

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While Numerous Bugs Hinder It, Dead Island Is Still A Good Time 8

At a glance, Dead Island doesn’t seem to be anything special. It looks like yet another first-person shooter with a survival horror theme, a mash up that gamers are all too familiar with. However, in reality, Dead Island is a very ambitious title with satisfying combat, RPG elements, and vast open landscapes to explore. While the core ideas usually come together to create a fulfilling experience, numerous flawed design decisions and bugs add up to make the vacation to this tropical hell fun, but...

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Despite Some Rough Edges, This Revolution Is Worth Taking Part In 15

The original Deus Ex, released back in 2000, is considered by some to be one of the best RPG’s of the last generation. It offered a level of choice in how players accomplished their goals that was groundbreaking at the time, which allowed for a lot of flexibility in how it was played. The newly released prequel to the original game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, promises to maintain that level of choice while crafting it’s own identity and updating the gameplay for modern players. While some of its...

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It's Not For Everyone, But Some Will Fall in Love With Catherine 1

For every pile of generic action games and cookie-cutter first person shooters, there comes along a game like Catherine. A game that stands out from the crowd and can rightfully call itself unique. Catherine accomplishes this by offering an intriguing premise and challenging puzzle focused gameplay. It’s bizarre elements are certainly not for everyone, and may prove too difficult for some, but those willing to give Catherine a chance and conquer the punishing parts will find an experience they w...

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Bastion is a Well Crafted Experience with Beautiful Art Direction 1

The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade for 2011 officially kicks off with Bastion, the premiere title from developer Supergiant Games, and sets a high benchmark for the upcoming games in Microsoft’s summer downloadable line-up. Bastion offers fast-paced strategic combat, incredibly beautiful art direction, a healthy amount of customization, and one of the most memorable narrators in recent memory. It seamlessly combines all of these traits into a fantasy action RPG that players won’t forget anytime soon...

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One of The Most Memorable Experiences in Recent Memory 1

  Usually I would have a written review as well as a video. However, the text of my Portal 2 review was lost. Therefore, I have uploaded the video here. Please do not dismiss this post solely on it's length. Thanks guys and enjoy....

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The Mindless Fun is Quickly Overshadowed By Repetition and Tedium 3

There are times when those who play games just want to have some mindless fun. They don’t want an elaborate narrative or complex mechanics, they just want to run around shooting anything that moves without consequence. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, the latest in the series, seeks to provide just that. It gives players the opportunity to eviscerate hundreds of alien creatures and topple buildings with relative ease all for the budget price of $40. While there is definitely some fun to b...

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A Re-imagining of a Classic Designed for High Score Competition 0

Re-imagining a game that many consider a classic can be tricky. Not only does a developer need to make an older property seem fresh and exciting to a newer generation of gamers, they must do so without alienating the more nostalgic crowd. Last year, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX proved that it was not only possible to accomplish this, but it was possible to make a great game in the process. Galaga, the classic arcade top-down shooter, has received similar treatment in Galaga Legions DX, made b...

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Multiplayer Makes Up For the Disappointing Campaign 6

F.E.A.R 3, the latest in the F.E.A.R series, is the first game in the trilogy to be made by a studio other than Monolith. While the two previous games offered genuine scares and exciting minute-to-minute action, F.E.A.R 3 disappoints by offering little to no terrifying moments and standard gunplay. It feels like a game trying to imitate the series instead of one that’s a part of it. The cooperative multiplayer makes up for this some by providing interesting modes that are a lot of fun, but F.E.A...

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Mech Combat and Tower Defense Make For a Thrilling Time 6

Trenched is the latest downloadable game from Double Fine Productions and differs greatly from their previous titles in one major way. While Double Fine’s previous forays into downloadable games have relied largely on their unique artistic direction and charm, Trenched manages to provide fun, frantic gameplay in addition to these elements. Providing players with a good length campaign that can be played through cooperatively, and a deep level of customization, Trenched is easily the best downloa...

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A Different Kind of Game for the Rockstar Community 0

Open world games themed around crime are not a new concept, but rarely do games with this in mind take the time to delve into the nitty gritty of police work, often devolving from one shoot-out to the next. Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire breaks this trend and has players truly play the role of detective, examining clues, questioning suspects, and making arrests. It’s a methodical game, which rewards through police work with an experience unlike any other and breaks new ground with it’s face capture tec...

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A Fun, Refreshing Military Shooter 0

 Crysis 2 has great lighting. It'll remind you of that alot. Crysis 2 has a lot of expectations to live up too. It’s the sequel to what many consider to be a landmark PC title, a game that set the benchmark for PC graphics upon it’s release. In addition to that, it’s is also the first game that developer Crytech has made simontaniesly for consoles as well as PC. Thankfully, Crysis 2 does not collapse under the pressure and delivers a fun, often thrilling experience with plenty of value for shoot...

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Duke is Back, and He's Gotten Old 3

I'm sure there's a joke about size not mattering I'm missing here. Duke Nukem Forever is finally out. That is a statement that most gamers thought they would never hear. After being stuck in development limbo for 14 years, becoming a running joke in the gaming world, and even being cancelled at one point, the long awaited sequel to Duke Nukem 3D is available on store shelves thanks to Gearbox Software picking up the reins from former developer 3D Relams. Unfortunately, the tale of the game’s bi...

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A Fun, Albeit Flawed Ride Through 1940's Paris 1

Games taking place in World War II are nothing new. We’ve all stormed the beaches of Normandy and pushed into Berlin countless times. But how often do players get the chance to sabotage the Nazi’s plans from within with a few sticks of dynamite and a disguise? The Saboteur from Pandemic Studios attempts to capitalize on this idea with the option to sneak or blast your way through the Nazi regime.  The final product ends up offering a fun, though flawed experience.      You play as Sean Devlin, a...

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All Flash, Little Substance 1

(Written October 2006)  Games often require one to accept things that may not be possible in reality. Picking up health packs to save you from death or having unlimited ammo for a weapon are common things that we see in games all the time and often ignore how ludicrous they really are. Just Cause from Avalanche Studios isn’t just asking you to bend the rules of reality. It wants you to break them and kick them while their down. Its action is over-the-top, silly, but usually entertaining. Unfortu...

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It's Over Quickly, But Rogue Warrior Leaves A Bad Taste Behind 9

Meet Dick. He hates  Communists. There wasn't really any hype or attention paid to the new first person shooter title by Rebellion studios Rogue Warrior. This isn't surprising considering that the FPS is a crowded genre and most of the attention is going to Modern Warfare 2 anyway. I would like to tell you that Rogue Warrior is a surprising gem that provides an entertaining, fun, and lengthy adventure that really makes you feel like a Navy SEAL fighting against impossible odds. Unfortunately, if...

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One of the best reasons to have an Xbox Live Subscription 0

The original Bionic Commando on the NES is revered by many for being a game that did things different, and did them well. The jump button was replaced by a unique "bionic arm" that enabled players to swing over obstacles and the game has, considered by many, one of the most satisfying endings ever. Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a shining example of how a remake should be done with smooth controls, beautiful graphics and a kick-ass, manly protagonist. It is on of the best reasons to have an Xbox Li...

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