The Giant Bomb Effect

I've been reviewing the last year, as is almost compulsory around this time, and how could I not look back on my years worth of game purchases when trying to select my top ten games? 
All this retrospect has made me wonder something about Giant Bomb itself. Or rather the effect it has on me. So I fully confess that I have bought a game purely because of something posted by one of the GB crew. Not only that but I know that it's not just me effected in this way. Usually with gaming sites I'll read the odd preview of a game I'm interested in and maybe look at review scores and skim the text itself (I find that some sites reveal key moments in games). Yes this can influence my gaming purchases but I can't remember reading about a game I'd not heard of, and then buying it as a result.
So I have to wonder what it is about Giant Bomb that does this? And what percentage of it's readers are afflicted?