Games of my life: Lemmings

Games of my life: Lemmings

Hi and welcome to my new blog series, games of my life. In this series i'll talk about videogames that were important to my life one way or another.

The first one is Lemmings.

This was (and is) my dad's favorite game, so it was natural that it would be one of the first games he would try to put me playing it. When i got my first pc this was the only game i had, not that that bothered me, it was adictive and i had the Playstation to play all the other games. 

The first levels were rather simple and I, at that time a 7 or 8 years old kid could get trough them with few to no problems at all. But those first levels are just an ilusion for whats to come. As you get trough them they got more complex, and altough I already knew what each item did it was incredibly hard to know what to use or how to stop those pesky lemmings.

I remember all of the first levels because they were the easiest to get trough and so i did them frequently, but i also remember seeing my dad playing the last level and finish it. As for me, I still haven't done that achivement. Another memory i cherish is that YUPPY sound you hear when your lemming finally gets trough the level, i loved to hear, not one, but 100 or 200 lemmings get in to the cave at the same time. YYYYYYUUUUUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYYUYUYUYUPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPI

And this is why i chose Lemmings as one of the games of my life.