Games of My Life - Mario Kart DS


So, after a month iatus I finnally made another "Games of my Life" blog post. Let's talk about Mario Kart DS

So recently, about a week ago, my sister took my DS to school while I was sleeping and someone took it from her backpack when she was not looking, so now I have no DS. Nontheless, it made me remind of those times, four years ago, when I played Mario Kart with my best friend.

Kind of a fun story, I never actually bought this game. The story that follows is the story of Valdemar and his DSs. So, there's this friend of mine, called Valdemar, who bought two DSs, and a bunch of games, he then sold one for 20 bucks, and bought it again for 60, gave it for free for another friend of mine with Mario Kart, so he had people to play with him, he bought the DS again, but for some reason he didn't took the game. He then sold the DS to my best friend for 15 bucks with Metroid Prime, and my other friend gave me Mario Kart. This is the story behind why Mario Kart DS is in here.

The following year me and my two friends did only one thing... days and days playing Mario Kart. To be honest now I am kinda sick of it, but I have to admit, that game was an amazing game and the best racing game for the DS. I still remember playing with my best friend for one hour the koopa beach map, while we were trading the charger because both our DSs were low on battery and we just had one charger.

Good times. And this is why Mario Kart DS is one my games of my life!