Games of My Life - Sonic Adventure DX


Hi and welcome to another "Games Of My Life" episode

Today i'll talk about Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut


I still remember when my dad gave me this game. I actually said: "Sonic? I'm too old for that!" even though i had only 12 years old.Truth be told, i didn't even played a Sonic game before, and the only thing about sonic i knew was that cartoon show "Sonic Underground" wich i saw somethimes when i was little.

Yet, my dad instaled it and i played it... for months. To my suprise the game was completely adicitive and sometimes even hard. With six difrent characters with difrent gameplays and stories that conected with each other to reveal the secret about Tikal and Chaos.

Many may say it's just a simple remake of the Dreamcast original, but it is not, with the addition of the game gear games ( wich let me play the originals for the first time) and the mission mode, it has more gameplay hours than the Dreamcast counter-part.

Although I didn't spent hours with my friends playing this game, i do have memories of playing this game alone and trying to solve it's puzzles, like how to gain acess to the last level of the Sonic story or how t go to the second level of Tails story. And of course, the last level, with the epic battle between Perfect Chaos and Super Sonic.

And this is why i chose Sonic Adventure DX as one of the games of my life.