Weirdest video game ideas ever

Video games that i never thought it could exist

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  • You are Captain Novolin and you have to rescue a diabetic mayor who was kidnapped by evil aliens.Throughout the game, Captain Novolin fights junk food items while eating healthy meals to keep his blood glucose within a safe zone. Players can earn bonus points by correctly answering questions that relate to diabetes.

    Need to say more?

  • You play as Michael Jackson and save little children. Also you can become Metal Jackson which is by far the most awesome thing I ever saw

  • Sure, it may be addictive and fun, but that doesn't stop the whole idea of plants fighting Zombies being kinda stupid.

  • It's a game based on the House of the dead series, but now you type the zombies to dead!

  • It's a game were you try to stick everything you see in a ball to make it bigger. Game developers... Are you on drugs?

  • Seriously, who's really going to make a game about raping people?

  • I can't explain this on words, go see a video about the game and you'll see you'll have the same opinion as me

  • since when do we need a video game to teach us who to stop smoking?

  • You play as a giant mouth and have to eat as much junk food as possible.


  • Ok, imagine you are Burger King, ok, now imagine you had to sneak at people and offer them burgers. No, I'm not high, I'm just talking about Sneak King

  • If you ever need help making a movie, baby sitting or running from cops don't you forget to call a team of agents to dance while you do your job.

  • In Super Mario Bros a couple of plumbers fall down a pipe to find a magical world full of mushroom shape creatures and turtles that walk on two legs.

  • You are a blue hedgehog running non-stop and catching an infinite amount of rings, also, after catching 7 emeralds he becomes a Super Sayan.

    Also, there's a two tailed fox, a bat with boobs and a flying red echidna.