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the true horror lives in this town 0

Introduction: This is the first Silent Hill game to ever be released. For the first time you will travel to the city of Silent Hill, lets just hope you can get out of there...  Gameplay (7/10) The gameplay is hard to get used to, it's similar to the first Resident Evil games and Alone in the Dark, but after you learn how to control the character things will be easier. There's a lot of items that will probably be used later in the game in some puzzle, so you have to explore the entire city.   Sto...

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Sonic Rush 0

Hello, this is my first review, but I'll try my best.  Introduction:  Sonic Rush is the first sonic game for the Nintendo DS, it returns to the 2D gameplay like it spiritual prequel Sonic Advance.   Gameplay (4.5 out of 5)  The gameplay in the game it's simple, run and jump. With the d-pad and the jump button you can pretty much play the game, like many of the Sonic games, fun and easy. But it adds some new features to the classic Sonic gameplay, like turbo and the tricks, that can be used to re...

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