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UPlay: TheDocktor

please let me know if that doesn't work

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One thing that I found to help with the grind was to buy the Donkey and the pedal bike. These will give you different types of contracts which I find to be a bit easier than some of the others.

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I'll buy it at a high price!

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I went with Metro. Enjoying it so far, will put some more time in this evening.

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I was a GFW Radio fan. At one point they mentioned Jeff's firing from Gamespot. From there I followed what Jeff was up to and pretty quickly found GB.

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I felt like I always had a really hard time making money in GTA Online as well, but still had some fun goofing around with friends. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, especially if later missions pay better.

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@mems1224 said:

@crazybagman: well yea, that particular olive garden hasn't cleaned its kitchen in 20 years and the people blindly eating there still because it's a big name restaurant are insane.

And this is like saying you got a bad copy of RDR2, or went to the wrong retailer. You didn't, it's that same as every other copy. It also plays basically the same as every other rockstar game in the last 15 years. That shouldn't be a surprise, especially if you watched any amount of their prerelease content. Nothing that's in the game feels to me like it doesn't line up with what they showed or what I expected, based on their past games.

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I have struggled to enjoy Red Dead 2 but just can’t. I think some of the contextual items are fantastic. The apparent knowledge that is shared between NPC’s is pretty amazing. However, I dislike the autosave and death system. It is not clear to me if all my materials gathered while hunting are forever lost or located where I died. If I fail some random encounter, I can’t reload to where I save at the start of the encounter. I dislike the long travel times between areas. The movement speed is awful, I feel like I’m Geralt but in molasses. Why does it take so long to loot shelves and bodies? The characters are not that interesting to me or that likable. Their motivations and passions don’t motivate me at all to move the story forward. The open world is pretty unless the normal PS4 starts to chug and show a slow frame rate. The shooting is not ideal, I never feel like I have great control of where I am aiming or exactly what I am hitting. I’m tired of getting poor pelts when I take a large game animal down with a single headshot. I’m also tired of having to put down animals that are moaning and writhing in pain. I’m not interested in seeing the skinning animation that many times. My horse was shot and I had to run back to town to get horse reviver. What part of running my ass back to town is fun? I feel like Rock Star is just layering systems on top of systems (and damn the consequences) in hopes of making a more real open world.

If you don't end up liking that game that's fine. I have no personal investment in the game. But that being said, here are some of my experiences and perspective on the same or similar situations.

Anything gained before being killed seems to carry over, the only loss is a small amount of money. Random encounters are there to throw you a curveball. Sometimes you'll die. I was ambushed at one point by a group of Lemoyne Raiders who had an explosive wagon set up to surprise me. I ended up dying. Cool event, that feels realistic since I have been giving them hell every chance I get.

The long travel times can be mitigated in a few ways, but have never been a huge problem to me. A bit of personal preference for immersion that I enjoy.

The shooting is admittedly bad, which is why I use the default semi-lock setting. It locks on to center mass, but you can aim from there. And it will keep up with the momentum your target has while allowing you to be more precise with your shots.

Pelt quality begins with the quality of the animal you kill. This is seen when scoping the animal with you binoculars. If you study that animal it will give insight into which weapon is most effective in providing a high quality pelt. I struggled for a very long time to get 3 perfect rabbit pelts for the first hunter challenge. But, after I realized that the varmint rifle is the intended weapon for rabbits and similar sized animals, I got 3 perfect pelts in about 15 minutes. The game rewards paying attention and patience.

The skinning animation also feels like it plays to rockstar's intention to have the game play as an experience, and not always enjoyable. But we watch movies and tv shows that are highly lauded, but not always fun. It will be divisive, and clearly is, but I think that's by design. They want this to be a world you can live in. A world that doesn't necessarily respect your time, in a very realistic way. I personally love this, but it's obviously not for everyone. I think the idea from today's(or last week's?) Bombcast is really appropriate that it acts like Far Cry 2 was the pinnacle of open world. And Far Cry 2 was a brutal, harsh game in many ways that turned some off, and gave some what they always wanted from games.

It feels like a very confident game that trusts the players to be smart and pay attention. And those are my favorite games. And it's definitely not for everyone.