(2 Cents) My Little Big Adventure

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Well... How do we start this adventure? To few words is not enough. Too many, I dare not try. You start this journey as a species known as Quetch. Your name, Twinsen. Little Big Adventure, the most fantastic adventure game I ever played as a child. Available to play on MS-DOS and the original PlayStation. How many games now are playable on MS-DOS? How many people actually ever use it these days? Well, LBA or Little Big Adventure was my first adventure game and shall always be the greatest. I don't like doing reviews or stuff like that so don't EVER expect one! It's important to understand that, because I know as soon as someone gives their 2 cents about a game it's labeled a review by internet noobs. This is my 2 cents. If you want more, buy 50 cent. [southern accent]: Now that's Ganstga. Gyeh!

The game may seem simple to look at , but that's due to 100s of hours of complex team coding to make such a beautiful yet simply wonderful experience. Everything from the "Once upon a time"-like voice introduction, to the talking elephant citizens (called Grobos), the visual art style and the soundtrack really feels mystical and gives LBA it's own unforgettably magical Identity. Something, which to-date many games lack. Identity. Of corse, next to your Halo or Gears of War controls, it's a step backward to many. I however do not see it like that. And I know I'm not alone in my feelings. Every game has it's own learning curve and if you love adventure, once you get around the 'interesting' directional controls (improved on in the sequel LBA 2), you will not regret the experience. Escape from prison, explore towns, venture into the dessert, through snow, across the sea. And most importantly lol, Save your kidnapped lover and defeat an evil dictator? Sounds like instant joy to me!

Young gamers and old will know what I mean as I say, your very first gaming experiences are the most memorable. And now with today's technology, or rather yesterday's technology, I'll be playing through LBA again, but this time you can see and hear and comment on My Little Big Adventure.

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My first upload should be today, 26th April 2009.