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Great action, but repedative 0

Devil may cry 4 is a great adition to the legendary action series. The graphics are great and vary greatly. the action is great but can get repedative especialy boss fights. over all great game and great adition to any action gamer's collection. The graphics in this game are very good on alot of aspects. the character models are very detailed and the enviroments are differant and detailed as well. the animations are very nice and are cool to watch. the game has asolid frame rate and i have exper...

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Great 0

overall call of duty 4 is a great gameplay experience that any owner of the 360 or any other platform for that matter should have. the only drawbacks i can think of are the single players short length and the fact that all the achievements have to be done on single player.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gameplay -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------first off lets g...

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Simply Superb 0

ok to start off why the hell i am just reviewing the game when i have had it since launch in fact i went to a midnight launch and got the legendary edition.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Overview------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amazing simply superb, are there any other words that need to describe this game. well there are many. here is just a few things of ...

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