1000 posts!

I don't normally do blogs, but I figured a milestone like this deserved one.
I joined GB back in October last year (I didn't really start posting on the forums until earlier this year), and haven't turned back since. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I never was a part of the Gamespot community, nor did I ever really visit the site (always seemed really laggy to me). I don't think I can even recall what brought me here... but whatever it was... I'm glad it did.
I used to be a pretty active member on the UK Gamesradar forums before they merged it with the American one. The community there had such a neighbourly feel to it, but as soon as they ditched it and made it international... the tight knit community died. After that I kinda gave up on gaming forums for a while. I never really thought I'd find a community as good as that again. 
GBers you have proved me wrong! And I thank every single one of you for that. The forums and community here is pretty damn awesome!
And I gotta say, it's pretty fitting that I reached my 1000th post almost exactly a year after I joined.
Peace out y'all!