inFamous vs Prototype

I realise I am about a year late on this... but I finally got round to playing both inFamous and Prototype.
I distinctly remember the internet clashing over these two "superhero" games. They both came out around the same time, they arguably are very similar games, and they both received relatively positive reaction from the gaming press. Brad gave inFamous 5 stars, and Prototype 4.
I'm not sure if this is the reason I lean more one way than the other... but I played alot of inFamous before even starting on Prototype. But enough of the longwinded set-up, let me get to my point.
inFamous shits all over Prototype in almost EVERY way.
The character movement was more fluid, the powers were more fun to use, the city felt more like an actual city than a sandbox, the graphical style was alot easier on the eye, the protagonist was more interesting, the side missions were alot more diverse and tied well into the story... the only downside to it... was Zeke.
Booting up Prototype... al I could think was "this feels wrong". The combat was really mashy, alot of the powers felt useless, those hunter dudes were a pain in the arse, you could kill countless civilians without feeling any kind of remorse. It's sole redeeming factor for me, was the Web of Intrigue... that stuff was really neat. But alas... I sent it back before finishing it. The best parts about Prototype were the parts where you weren't playing Prototype.
So you dudes who really dug Prototype (especially those of you who also played inFamous)... what was it about that game that you liked so much?