Silent Hill: Homecoming - The game based on the movie?

I think alot of people are being really harsh on Silent Hill: Homecoming! Behind the frequent bugs lies a pretty solid gaming experience.

Firstly, let me say, I am a massive fan of the series, so when this game was announced I had ridiculously high hopes.

As the release date drew closer, my anticipation rose to a gargantuous level. Thankfully, the game was delayed by 5 months in Europe, which totally killed my excitement and eagerness to play it. So, as annoying the delay was, it was in fact a blessing in disguise.

By the time Friday 27th February hit, I'd completely forgot I'd even preordered it, yet there it was, waiting to be unpackaged on my doorstep. Nice surprise? Yeah I'd say so.

Almost a week has passed, and I've completed the game, and seen all possible endings.

Now alot of things bugged me about this game at first (the nurses and pyramid head; both of whom were manifested by James Sunderland of SH2's broken and sexually frustrated mind), until I realised what this game is. Silent Hill: Homecoming is NOT Silent Hill 5, but is the game that should have coincided with the release of the Silent Hill movie.

Don't get me wrong, this game has nothing on it's predecessors in terms of atmosphere. But to really enjoy the subtleties in this game, you have to not think of it as part of the series, but as a movie spinoff (hard thing to do, I know).

Another thing people seemed to pick at, was the presentation of the game (the graphics so to speak). My argument to that is Silent Hill game's have never been groundbreaking graphically, they don't have to be. The player is constantly traversing across dark and foggy environments, so even with standout graphics, they would be haardly noticable half of the time.

And do I think the combat system ruins this game? No. The combat system was a welcome addition in my opinion, it made fighting enemies alot more fun, rather than previous installments; where you'd mash the attack button, run away, mash the attack button, run away etc etc.

This game is due more credit than it got. Perhaps if they rebranded the game into a whole new franchise, changed the enemies a little, then maybe reviewers would have been a little less critical of it. But surely rule one of being a game critic, is to always look at each game individually, and try not to compare? Maybe that's just my naivity shining through there. Either way, this is well worth a play if your a Silent Hill or horror fan, it won't disappoint if you go into your playthrough in the right mindset.

This is my first blog, so go easy on me heh.