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Heeey Whats Up Everybody!

My name is Cain and as you may guess from my screen name, I live for music and all things nerdy. Ive been a musician and composer for about 14 years and you can find some links at the bottom if you want to hear what I do. Besides the whole music thing, I also studied theater to go into Voice Acting. Currently, I work for Terminal Reality in the audio department. My favorite game genre is Japanese RPGs although recently, besides the Persona games, the genre has really frustrated me with its inability to progress with the times. Still, my favorite games of this generation are Street Fighter IV, Prince of Persia, Valkyria Chronicles, Dead Space, LittleBigPlanet, and MGS4. Here are a couple other lists if you're interested:

Favorite All Time Games:

1) Metal Gear Solid 4

2) Persona 3

3) Final Fantasy X

Favorite Animes:

1) FullMetal Alchemist

2) Azumanga Daioh

3) RahXephon

And thats it in a nutshell. Hit me up on PSN (VashKein) or XBL (FvaFshX) and check out my reviews and stuff. See ya!