The Time Has Arrived! (Def Jam RapStar)

After a year of hard work (2 years for our entire team), Def Jam Rapstar is finally a mere 5 days away! My excitement reached an all time high today as my favorite site (wink wink) posted a quick look of our game. You can see it here:

Seeing our game on the front page really surprised me, and I was overwhelmed to see just how much fun the guys were having playing our game. It was also nice to see them point out features that I personally put into the game. The game has received tremendous exposure and I can't thank the Giant Bomb crew enough for helping a lot of people get excited about DJRS. As this is the first game I worked on, it's incredibly surreal to see a project observed by fresh eyes and ears (I can't tell you how many times we've heard the songs on the setlist).

We're not just sitting back and basking in the positive preview glory though. We're all hard at work on delivering plenty of DLC for old school and new school hip-hop fans alike. And even if you don't like rap, the game is still incredibly fun. I can say this from experience because my genre of choice is rock, yet here I am at this past years E3:

It's been a long and memorable year, and I couldn't be prouder of the final product we've created. I hope you all pick up the game when it hits store shelves on October 5th. Enjoy the gaming goodness!