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Stylish yet shallow grindhouse action 0

 As the current generation of consoles continues to age and mature, many developers are striving to create experiences that are indistinguishable from Hollywood movies. Video game budgets continue to soar, award winning writers and composers are now commonplace, and the barrier of the uncanny valley has become nothing more than a slight obstacle. WET follows the same trend as other cinematically inspired games, but focuses instead on mindless over the top action with a low budget grindhouse aest...

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'Splode your way through an addictive and challenging ride 0

Alright then, picture this if you will. A science experiment gone horribly wrong, mixed with an over the top Warner Brothers cartoon, topped off with pounds and pounds of assorted meats. Got the image? Great, now blow the entire thing up! Beautiful, isn’t it? Congratulations, you’ve just acquired the perfect state of mind to enjoy 'Splosion Man, the first offering in the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. With a unique premise and addictive and highly challenging gameplay, 'Splosion Man is definitely s...

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Trash Panic is a quirky and addictive test of skill 1

Have you ever looked at your trash can and thought, “Wow, that would be a great setting for a video game!”? If you have, then you should probably lay off the games for a while and seek professional help. Or you could fire up your Playstation 3 and prepare to revel in the filthy fun of Trash Panic, the latest in a long line of quirky PSN titles. You also might want to put away any breakable objects since the core gameplay of Trash Panic is as infectious as it is challenging. At first glance, Tras...

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Siren isn't scary enough to hide its faults 1

When survival horror games were first introduced, many of us were too terrified of zombie dogs and shuffling zombies to pay attention to tank-like controls and horrible camera angles. As time passed on and gamers became desensitized, it fell upon horror game developers to create more eerie and oppressive settings to counteract archaic design decisions. Even though games like Resident Evil and Dead Space have chosen to evolve with current times, Siren: Blood Curse instead opts to faithfully embra...

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Quirky Fun with a Dash of Deja Vu 0

Last year, Sony introduced the world to the first real time strategy rhythm game with Patapon for the PSP. Its unique art style and addictive gameplay made it an instant stand out classic on the system. Now, Sony is looking to recapture the magic with the download-only sequel aptly titled Patapon 2. Does this title stack up to its quirky predecessor? The answer is “yes“, but almost to a fault. Hardcore fans will appreciate the slight improvements to the overall experience, but some lingering iss...

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Despite its flaws, Ninja Blade is an absolute blast 0

With the growing mainstream popularity of video games, expectations of interactive grandeur are higher than ever. It seems developers all over the world are competing to see who can produce the biggest display of processing power and artistic vision. Are the days of fun, mindless action games coming to an end? “Not a chance!” proclaims the protagonist of the Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade, as he smashes a wrecking ball into a giant spider. And that’s not a metaphor, that’s the first level of the...

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The early 90s return to kick 2009 off with a BOOM! 0

Back in the early 90’s, Street Fighter II rocked the arcade world with its unique characters and fast combat system. Although a simple game on the surface, many diligent (read: obsessed) gamers found added layers of complexity not visible to the average quarter-wielding Joe. Despite the release of the spin off Alpha series and the ultra hardcore Street Fighter III, the series has never been able to top the mainstream appeal of Street Fighter II. Capcom sought to change that with the release of S...

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Lara is back to fight her nemesis: The Camera! 0

In 1996, gamers everywhere became infatuated with Tomb Raider. The mix of puzzle solving, gunplay, and its sexy female protagonist, Lara Croft,  pushed the game (and especially Lara herself) into an iconic status. Twelve years later, Lara is still kicking (and jumping) with her latest entry in the series, Tomb Raider Underworld, for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. While the core gameplay mechanics haven’t aged gracefully over the years, Tomb Raider Underworld is still a satisfying adventure for ...

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Flower is surreal, euphoric, and the best showpiece for PSN 0

How would one define a video game? Is it simply an interactive experience using images on a screen? Or is something not considered a video game unless it contains an element of skill or progression? While there may be differing views on the matter, one thing is certain: video games are more diverse in this generation more than ever before. For an ideal example, look at Flower, the latest downloadable game for the Playstation 3.Flower is an exceptional title for many reasons. Prior to its release...

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