Day 01

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I just got done consuming all of Day 1's goodness and I am once again impressed by Giant Bomb's freshness. After listening to the articles, watching the podcast, and reading the videos I felt compelled to use the blog feature and share my thoughts... Gotta hand it to Whiskey Media, the presentation of everything has been absolutely amazing and I am really looking forward to the rest of the end-year content. Thanks for everything, guys!

2011's 2010 Game of the Year

I think that StarCraft 2 is the perfect choice for this category. StarCraft 2 does a lot more than just exist as a game - it pushes the envelope on what multiplayer games will be like as more and more games are developed. The game is revered for its multiplayer scene and it seems more people end up watching the high tier matches than actually playing the game. StarCraft 2 marks a point where Western gamers were ready to start embracing the idea of games as an "e-sport" by hitting a much larger and varied audience than any game has been able to in the past. Can you think of any other games that have had such wild success that they would inspire their own, completely themed events at sports bars across the US?

One of StarCraft 2's mascots, Grack
One of StarCraft 2's mascots, Grack

Best Mission/Level

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I have not played the level in question in Saints Row: The Third but having seen the video I can understand why it won. That said, my favorite mission/level of the year that I actually played for myself comes courtesy of Skyrim. The mission in question is in the Thieves Guild and while I can't remember the name of the quest, it is the quest in which you must complete many trials to become a fabled Nightingale. I did not even complete this mission until around 50 hours in and I think that says something for it to have such an impact that late in the game. I felt like I had really found out the truth to something that was never supposed to get out. The fact that it was all amongst thieves just added to the mystique of the whole story. Everything from finding out you had been duped by the REAL 'bad guy' to the escape from a watery-grave made this mission great... not to mention the way they play up the treasure, how it had all been expertly stolen, and the fact you are joining a secret covenant of the best of the best. All of these components were expertly meshed together to create a mission that really makes you forget you're playing a game and instead makes you feel like you're living out a real adventure.

Best New Character

Wheatley? I'm not gonna argue with that choice.

Dave's Eastern Bloc Game of the Year

Disclaimer: I'm not Dave Snider. That said I was shocked he didn't pick The Witcher 2, however, his argument was spot on. Although no one cares about Crono's Eastern Bloc Game of the Year I would have picked The Witcher 2, personally. I only played Dead Island and The Witcher 2 out of the whole list but The Witcher 2 offered a complete experience, with amazing fiction, fun missions, and a world that you could get lost in. The characters are deep, the game is fun at its core, and there is no shortage of things to do. Meanwhile, I got bored of Dead Island rather quickly and it didn't have enough to keep me interested.

How could you pass up these dreamy eyes?
How could you pass up these dreamy eyes?

Best Music

Bastion is an excellent choice. This category is extremely difficult for me because I like so many different tracks across so many games. Like in the discussions about Skyrim's music - I feel the same way as the guys do. It was inspiring and got you pumped - it was thematic and perfect for the game. I really enjoyed the Saint's Row menu music as well... for me it got me in the mood for a crazy ass 'gangster fantasy' as they put it. I didn't play Rayman: Origins (do intend to at some point) but it sounds really awesome. I know that the Uncharted music is rehashed but I have to give a shout out to it anyway... the music on the title screen is so great. Much like Skyrim's music, its thematic and perfectly aligned with the feel and style of the game - it gets me excited every time I boot the game up.

Wrap up

I found myself agreeing a lot with the decisions on today's categories. Usually I am a lot more opinionated but it was hard to argue with a lot of the major points and decisions. I just wanna say again how awesome all of the content has been - including the guest articles - and while the videos more than speak for themselves I have to reiterate: They are fucking awesome. Once again, thanks Giant Bomb, I am really looking forward to tomorrow's update.