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Games that make PS3 worth owning

No order. Just good games on a list.

List items

  • This game alone makes the PS3 worth owning.

  • I really don't think this needs an explanation. Although I have to say - my experience with the game was very buggy. Looking past some of these bugs though the game delivers on all fronts.

  • An open world game that feels fresh and inspired? In 2009? Yes it is true and it is only on the PS3.

  • This one may be an iffy addition to a list that touts "Games that make X system worth owning," but nevertheless I feel it is appropriate. This game is brutal and not afraid to be such. The game is a lot of fun once you get your bearings though and I have found it to be one of the most rewarding games to play. Once you get used to how the game works a bit, there is a lot of fun to be had and quite a bit of depth. I highly recommend this title for hardcore gamers, but the casual should be wary. I think because it caters to the hardcore that alone is reason enough to feature it on the list as it relates to a unique demographic :)

  • I have to admit, I haven't played much of the R&C series. I played the very first game - which I loved at the time - but never came back to the series. When I had heard all of the fanfare over the last title in the series I knew I needed to check it out. Many months after having this notion, it finally came in the mail via Gamefly and what I have played is a very fun and lighthearted game. It is a serious game at the core, mechanical level, but as far as story goes, it is a fun, non-serious romp. Definitely check it out if you like mashers.

  • LBP is my dream come true. I have always enjoyed games that allow me to make games/levels (StarCraft and WarCraft 3 mostly). The editor is deep, but I feel that it could have a LOT more tools added that would give it sooooooo much more functionality and open even more doors for creativity.

  • The game is a lot of fun and definitely huge fan service in it for all MGS lovers... that said, I felt completely underwhelmed by this game personally but if you own the PS3 this game is still certainly worth checking out.

  • This game looks gorgeous and has a class system ala TF2 / Battlefield. The multiplayer is the real meat of this title as the singleplayer only offers cliche characters and a boring story that feels like it was put together over a night of madlibs gone awry. That said it is a lot of fun online and as far as shooters go on the PS3 it has probably the largest community.

  • You know, some of the people have commented this game shouldn't be on the list. I disagree. Heavy Rain is an unusual "game" and while the actual 'playing' of Heavy Rain is little more than quick time events the odd narrative kept me interested enough to keep on playing. Heavy Rain isn't the kind of game that I would want to play all of the time, but it does offer something that you don't see very often in games - for better or worse.

  • Original game? Check. Great graphics? Check. Interesting protagonist? Check. Tight controls? Good story? Sequel worthy? Check. Check. Check.

    Game is a winner.

    EDIT: Well this game's sequel has arrived and the sequel takes everything that was so great about Uncharted and makes it look like child's play. That isn't to say this game isn't still an amazing title, but you should certainly play it before Uncharted 2, and I do not say that just because it is the first in the series, but I say it mostly because this game's experience will pale in comparison to its critically acclaimed sequel.

  • Fat Princess takes some of the basics that work for Team Fortress 2 and apply them to a new genre. It really works well together in one cohesive experience and is a blast online. A must-buy for all PS3 owners that do a lot of online gaming. The real downside of this game is that it requires cooperation and coordination. These are easy to accomplish if everyone is on the same page but this is rare. This is not so much a failing of the game (although you could argue that point) as much as it is the PS3 userbase lacking mics...

  • I haven't played any of the other PixelJunk games, personally (hence why they aren't on this list; I only put games I personally have played up here), but Shooter definitely has me curious enough to check them out. PixelJunk Shooter is not a very difficult game, it has some challenges, but not many - but it still remains a lot of fun. I felt like the game was very atmospheric despite its barely-there story, cartoony (but stylistic) graphics and... interesting music. I really enjoy how these 3 elements came together though and they really made me want to keep playing the game. Of course, the fluid dynamics need a mention too - truly remarkable how they all work together so seamlessly. It is my understanding that each of the PixelJunk games gets an "Encore" expansion pack that really presents some much more difficult challenges. I will be buying that on day 1 - that is how good and fun this game is :)

  • I guess people out there say "It's not really a game" and by the time I buy it, the meta-game may be over... but this "game" still looks too strange to pass up.

  • Resistance 2's single player was kind of meh for me. It had its moments and I enjoyed some of the boss fights (some!) but overall it just didn't wow me the way the multiplayer did. Still with a good amount of players - Resistance 2's multiplayer is pretty in depth for a console based FPS and is a lot of fun.

  • LBP was excellent for its time but LBP2 takes everything we loved about the first game and ramps it all up to 11. New game modes, gadgets, devices and everything. So many knobs and buttons to tweak that you'll go insane just making a basic decisions on which direction the player should go to what texture you should use for your designs.

  • The first one was an excellent foray into an open-world game with a super-hero twist. Infamous 2 retains the pedigree of its predecessor while still managing to push the series forward. Adding in Little Big Planet-esque customization feels sorta odd but in a cool way. If open-world games are your thing and you own a PS3, you can't go wrong with Infamous 2.

  • Say what you will about the Killzone series' 'ME TOO' attitude alongside Halo (since it did start out as a so-called 'Halo killer') but the game has really come into its own and does so valiantly. Sure it may seem like FPS 101 but the game is really well put together from the single-player to the multi-player. The shooting is tight and they do some really interesting things in the game like the flying Helghast. Sure, that seems hokey on the outside looking in - but when you fight one (and use one) for the first time - its intense.

  • You've heard it from every outlet and you'll hear it from me. Uncharted 3 is more Uncharted. Why does that sound so bad when in actuality its such a good good thing? I wanted more Uncharted 3 and the game delivers. Everything is fine tuned and delivered with seasoned bravado that only professionals at their highest point could produce. Oh, yeah, the multi-player is a lot of fun too.