Best Podcast Games

We're all on this site, we like podcasts and games. So what are the best games to play whilst listening to podcasts? Read on...

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  • If anything I find avoiding the pulsating music to be beneficial as it panics me and panicked Crunchbite doesn't do well. The one more play function sits perfectly with spending the time chasing an unobtainable score and also helps you keep track of time to keep you from playing until dawn. Perfect!

  • Specifically online and this could be any sports game. Firstly the commentators are dire and repetitive and secondly having podcasts on means you don't have to listen to middle class English kids trying to sound hard when playing as Barcelona with all the assists on. Win win situation.

  • I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE, GOOD JOB AGENT, I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE etc etc etc. Also any collect 'em up is best done with a distraction.

  • Joy upon joy listening to that uninspired soundtrack again. Good tip here though is to listen to the Kotaku talk radio and let out your rage at the idiots who phone in on those poor citizens of Liberty City.

  • Any puzzle game actually, Zuma is chosen as you'll spend 200 hours trying to complete the first level in 5 seconds.