Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

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  • Works obscenely well on a controller and the ideal podcast/talking shit with friends game.

  • Alright it's a port but it was my first time and it left a real mark on me. Sign of a great game is when you miss the characters and I miss Ellie and Joel.

  • It feels like you are playing an episode. I feel that's the goal of any licensed property and Stick of Truth is one of the rare examples of a developer pulling it off.

  • Whilst I feel the story was frustratingly shallow the style, world building and incredible battle system more than made up for it. And another soundtrack that went onto my iPod immediately.

  • I got it because I wanted to play a cartoon but stayed for the wonderful story. An ideal "Steam Sale" game.

  • I love a good mobile game and Threes! understood what a mobile game should be. Simple enough to pick up and play, deep enough to keep you going and gorgeous design. Original and best.

  • This is purely on the basis of the facial expressions. Next generation consoles = the introduction of micro-expressions which make people look so much more realistic. That and sucking neon looks bitchin'.

  • Charming, innocent and desperately needed in the overly serious gaming market.

  • Nuke body, that large powerful bullet and underwater propeller. Bring it.

  • I never understood Trials. Then I was dragged in by friends and got into the frantic fight to get lower times than everyone I know and love. Suddenly I understood and it was beautiful. Also MAN MACHINE THE FUSION.