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Games for Sir Alex Ferguson Junior

World Cup got you dreaming of a career, Premier League made you moist or were you born in the center circle of a local football park? Whatever your reason here are the top football games ever created.

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  • SWOS is everything brilliant about the game. One button play makes it simple to approach but deceptively tough to master, marry that with an atmosphere made for real football fans (those who drink Bovril, not coffee at a match) and you have a classic.

  • Now this is controversial but for me PES 5 is where the series peaked. Just the right side of difficult so when you score you punch the air but just the right side of playable that you can string passes together and feel like Brazil of 1970. Football for the purists and still not bettered.

  • This is it for me. I adore Football Manager but Sports Interactive had all their plates spinning in this iteration to make the renowned marriage killer perfect. Match engine is perfection, depth glorious and crucially you always feel in control. It's never the game fooling you into thinking you are playing, your tweaks matter...your training matters and as such it's a time killer.

  • ...okay bit of an odd one but simply speaking nothing beats isometric Fifa from the 16-bit era. Sign of my football lineage is that I remembered before loading this for the list that the cover had a shot from the ROI vs Holland playoff for Euro 96 on it.

  • It's not perfect, it's far from it and it can have your hair on the floor and under your nails rather quickly but when it comes together it's a perfect example of modern football games and the "be a pro" feature is certainly the future. Nothing is more rewarding than a total football move featuring your friends in individual positions.