Unfashionable Games I Like

We all have those moments when we read a 800 post thread where people are destroying a game and have to refrain from posting because we actually like the game. These are my games where I'm so out of fashion I may as well dig out my Saturn and return to the late nineties.

List items

  • Super Mario Sunshine was done from the start. There was no opportunity for innovation on the same scale as it's predecessor and so many took this reasoning to slam it. Yet beyond this lair of expectation Mario Sunshine was a charming and incredibly deep game which never fails to leave me with a grin on my face.

  • ...ok this one is tough to sell. It's just so...weird. You show it to people and they look at you like you are off your tits. But here's the reasoning, you pursue a hottie with your crew of bunny ear wearing buddies. Sold.

  • Yeah, the bad one. It was a bit of monster closet mayhem and didn't really play as tightly as the previous games yet it all came together for one glorious moment. A suicide run down the mountain as the Polish towards the Nazi's, a death of glory moment that in HD and in surround sound had me standing up. Even at it's worst the CoD WW2 era hit highs most series would be honoured to hit.

  • I love weird. Weird is brilliant. Magical Mystery Tour is my favourite Beatles film because it's batshit insane, In Bruges scratches the weird itch and the joy of watching something weird extends to gaming. True Crime is a game that starts as a GTA clone, turns into a hong kong cinema game and finally has you battling a dragon beast in a world torn apart by demonic forces.

    THAT is weird...and it's bloody brilliant to play.


    Art style was dire but under that was a deep, fun multi-faceted game that never got the time of day from bastards online bitching about the price who would never have played it anyway. Still some of the best times I had on my 360 was with my dwarf on Shadowrun and it's failure is a travesty.

    Also £40 for a great game no matter if it's solely solo play or multiplayer is not overpriced. It's only overpriced if the game is lacking, and Shadowrun was far from lacking.