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Mario Kart meets Wipeout meets Lady Luck 0

Blur is a game which should have been the end of Bizarre Creations. After the disappointment of PGR 4 and the rise of the Forza Motorsport brand most were expecting another simulation racing game aimed at taking Forza down a peg or two. Blur is a kart racer set in a real world setting...when you put it like that the enormous risk Bizarre have embarked on becomes clear. Not only is this a market very squarely owned by Mario Kart but the developer is risking it's enthusiast fan base by changing di...

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Simple fun 0

Games like Cloning Clyde for a while where the life blood of Xbox Live Marketplace. Simple games that were just not complex enough to warrant a full disc release but thanks to digital delivery were now available to a receptive audience looking for quick fix gaming. The market has changed since then with games like Portal and Shadow Complex making the marketplace a microcosm of the main gaming market and games like Cloning Clyde are beginning to lose their place once more. A recent drop in price ...

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No puns, a Rockstar classic. 0

It's easy to forget just how special Rockstar games can be. Grand Theft Auto taints and enhances the company in equal measure with the connotations conjured when Rockstar is brought up is one of modern satire, controversy and a style of game for a very specific type of gamer. As such there was little hype about Red Dead Redemption. GTA with cowboys was the call and despite a larger than usual spread of information from Rockstar there was little idea of what kind of game awaited us. Red Dead Rede...

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