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So I finally gave in... But it's ok.

The 'Avatar' movie may be old news at this point, but it's still being shown in 3D at the cinemas nationwide so I'm typing about it. It's my blog, and to quote a certain Eric Cartman:"I don't care! I'll do what I want!"
Onto the blog part.
So I bought some cinema vouchers for my mum on her birthday not long ago and she'd got it into her silly little head that she wanted to go see 'The Avatar'
I was pretty much dreading going the whole trip to the cinemaplex.
I mean, for me, the whole idea that while the main character was off siding with the Navvi while his body was back at base camp, and could easily be unplugged at the Human bad guys discretion, seriously put a sour note in my tune for this movie. A dent in my mental paint work you could also say.
Thanks to Giantbombs' quicklook that is. How were they to know anything right?

My mum was looking forward to it a lot, so since I bought her the gift I was kind of resigned to go with. Irony's a bitch right?

While the movie is extremely predictable, it's kind of a fun ride.

Anyway, Predictability aside it turns out to be pretty fun.
The 3D's pretty sweet and totally not in your face. Some of it made my eyes feel boseyed when I looked directly at what was been 3D-ised on the screen but overall it was done very well.
And while I think the story couldn't have been more contrived from pre-owned merchandise, *cough* Fern gully *cough* Dances with Wolves *cough*.
It tells this aged story with a different environment and some great realistic tech demoed cut scenes. All leading to a following of people all knowing but not caring that it's crappy but for the same reason very, very good.
Oops! Did I just type "Tech demoed cut scenes"? I meant.... Eeeeerm... Nevermind! Hey look at the shiny penny! (Throws it away.) Go get the shiny penny! Go on! Where's the shiny penny?!
(Shouts after the person running excitedly for the shiny penny.) And forget I ever mentioned anything! (Personally runs in the opposite direction) Now where's my PR guy got to?!
Ah well... At the end of the day it's a must buy even if you hate it. If only to remind you of how good crappy movies can be. :-)
Go check it out!