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Games that'll be stopping me from buying food and paying bills over the next few months.

This's in order of when I recieve them, not popularity.

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  • An excellent game. I've met a bug in an area where I can't leave and can't go back. But that just meant I had to restart it and try again.

    Not a bad thing in my books.

    Let's just hope I don't find the same bug this time.

  • Not exactly everything I wanted it be, but I will say that it's serviceable after the 20-25 hour mark.

    Although no one should have to dig through all the shit for that long, just so they can find the diamonds.

  • I've played every single version, even the NES version back in the day.

    So I'd be stupid not to buy this when, I eventually get my PS3.

  • I heard from people who hate this game and also people who want to have anal sex with it too.

    Being a fan of the Farenheit(Indigo Prophecy), even the crazy story twist of the later portions(what can I say, I'm veeeeird.), I'll definitely pick this game up.

  • Being a really difficult person I've got to play a series of games in order.

    Therefore, as much as the stories of bullet sponges from other gamers might end up annoying me in a moments realisation of "Oh right! This's what they were talking about!"

    I have to torture myself and complete this before getting the second one.

    (Also, it's really, REALLY cheap. ;-p)

  • To explain the above one AND this one AND the below one.

    I'm getting a PS3 very soon.

    Simply put, a lot of people who own PS3's consider this game a must-play, if not a must-get. I found it cheap, so I'm getting it.

  • Because of the unbeleivable reception it recieved. "I'm SO getting this game!" nuff' said? ;-p

  • After playing FF13 already for a few hours now(I'm halfway through the second disc), I feel like I need to play one with less corridors and less pressing ONLY the 'A' button. Maybe Resonance of Fate can satiate this desire for more open spaces and an ACTUAL mini game or two.

  • In this case though, I mean the Game of the Year edition on the Xbox 360(It wasn't a selectable option when creating this list.)

    I played this on the PC and got every single achievement there was. I then felt the urge to play it a couple more times but on the Xbox 360 to get every single xbox 360 achievement for it too.

    Maybe I AM batshit crazy after all. ;-p

  • I want this game SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!

    I was one of those people that saw this game in it's original state and then heard nothing personally until E3 2009. And aside from being blown away at how different it was, I thought it looked a tonne better.

    Other than that REALLY bad voice actor in the advert video. "I'll see to it that you never work in this town AGAIN!", What boss talks like that? I mean seriously.

    Also, what department boss in any Pentagon focused security forces is 22 years old and has stupid long hair?

    Anyway pointless questions aside, having liked every single previous release on consoles, even Double Agent, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!

  • I'm interested in this game because it's something new for me.

    And I've been hearing things about it for ages, slowly getting more and more fed up that it wasn't coming out already, TIME'S NOW FINALLY DECIDED TO REAR IT'S UGLY HEAD AND PUT IT OUT IN A RELEASE HEAVY YEAR, GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

    Will it be good though? Who knows...

  • I love most, if not all, Western based RPG's. And I especially love the idea being the quiet spy, who slips into a party with a tux on, gathers the required information via many optionally different routes. Then slips back out without anyone batting an eyelid.

    Only an hour later the item or organisation that the party was in celebration of disapears/gets quietly liquidated without a noise.

  • I don't care what you say, the Halo campaigns are a lot of fun! Mainly that's only true with friends though so don't worry, I'm not batshit crazy.

  • I've heard good things about this, and I'm a closet arsenist.

    Well, I'm not, but that dosn't stop me from maniacally cackling whilst I destroy some huge buildings.


  • Two good games in one. Always a good thing.