Gears 2 and Obama

After saying yesterday that I wouldn't buy Gears 2, I actually went off an bought the game. Despite not liking the first Gears too much I'm actually very glad that I bought Gears2. The gameplay is a lot cleaner and flows much more than I found it to do in Gears 1. This has a great aspect on the visuals also. The storyline this time around is far superior than it's precursor. The new layouts and features really add to it. I'd recommend that all owners of a Xbox360 buy the game and those who didn't like the first Gears might be pleasantly surprised.

One of my screenshots
One of my screenshots

My head is still spinning from finding out that Obama is going to be the next US president. Newspapers, radio stations and TV channels around the world are still coming to terms with it and the man is almost a gold maker for the media. All we have to do now is sit back and watch how well he fulfills his promises. If he's not killed by some idiot in between now and then.

That is all for now as I have loads of college work to do... :(