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  • css_switchfoot posted a message in the forum topic Introducing Video Bomb - a new unofficial Android app for Giant Bomb. on the General Discussion board

    Same problem, every video plays for ~30 seconds and then just stops playing and loads forever. I have to restart the app to get anything to work, and its the same 30 second cycle. The app is unusable...

  • css_switchfoot posted a message on the post Deliver Us The Moon.

    It seems the game originally released in 2018, with no ending and a length of 3-4 hours. The ending has been added and the game is now 5-6 hours long, for $22 bucks on Steam.

  • css_switchfoot posted a message on the post Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

    @dr_mel: How is science going to help you when you fall off the edge of the earth?