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I have some criticisms about how the overall plot of GOT has gone ( I too lament the loss the intrigue from the early seasons) but considering where the show was at at the beginning of this season, this was probably the best way these events could've played out. Like I don't know what else people were expecting considering there are only three episodes left. They have to resolve the plot somehow. And maybe they resolved this arc a bit to cleanly for GOT standards but at least they managed to payoff seven seasons of storytelling for a few of characters in the process.

I am very excited to see what they do with last few episodes. There are still alot of character arc that need resolution and now that the existential threat is dealt with ... almost anything could happen.

@gerrid said:

As an extended episode of TV, that was great. Thrilling, dramatic, filled with pathos, mournful, hopeful, scary and hold-your-breath tense with some wonderful performances and brilliantly shot scenes.

As the conclusion to the main plot arc of a brilliant fantasy series?

Unsatisfying, lazy garbage.

But then, ever since season 5 the plot of the show hasn't mattered, or at least has just been functional. It's purely a character-driven drama at this point, so I wasn't expecting anything in that regard. This episode felt like them just cutting loose the actual fantasy plot that the series is built around as neatly as they could. If you were into Game of Thrones for the fantasy plot, this was an horrific conclusion that just dumped dozens of hours of storytelling down the toilet. But if you like it because you like the characters and the world and seeing what they all do, then great, on to the real stuff next week!

Looking forward to it honestly.

I don't know what you mean by this or even if we have been watching the same show. Because the fantasy stuff- dragons, white walkers, zombies, magic -has always been on the fringes of the actual plot and has never mattered in the grand scheme of things. The character drama has always been the heart of the show. And if you were expecting the white walkers to factor into more of the ending then, you have clearly not been paying attention. George Martin and the show runners have repeatedly said that the show isn't going to end with some grand battle between good and evil. So what else were you expecting?

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Concrete Jungle is really cool deck building city builder from a few years ago that like nobody played. It has a surprisingly good single player campaign but, the game really shines in the versus matches against the ai (and theoretically other people, if you can one of the six other people that bought this game).

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Tech doesn't sell consoles. Software does and, there is an almost 0% chance that this thing will have a compelling software lineup.

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Obsidian are finally making another New Vegas style game and, I'm super excited. They also couldn't have picked a better time to announce considering that Fallout name is being dragged through the mud.

Obsidian games don't necessarily have the best track record for sales but, this game has the potential to be massive if they can draw in all the people who just got burned on 76.

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What will their "make good" be for the people who paid $200 for a version of the game that didn't come with everything advertised and, caused them to have sensitive personal information leaked to the internet? Because, it is going to have to be substantial if they want to ward off the inevitable lawsuit from this.

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I wasn't allowed to have a console as a kid - only a gameboy with a few mario games - but that didn't stop me from using the internet to play tons of video games. It wasn't the worst thing and, I did eventually get consoles when I was a teen.

Your nephew will be fine without games and, will find other stuff to entertain himself with. And who knows, maybe his parents will have a change of heart when he gets older.

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What a shame. I'm only half way through s3 but, the Netflix Daredevil show has been my favorite superhero thing.

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I wonder if this means that Ghosts of Tsushima is a 2020 games.

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@tennmuerti: Its hard to disagree with your cynicism. Especially when you consider that Tyranny sold so poorly that Paradox doesn't want to fund any more crpgs. And Pillars 2 sold worse than that.

I seriously doubt that MS will fund more than one crpg from each studio.

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@thursday1977: I know people download videos, I occasionally do when I go on vacation, I'm just speculating that more than 80% of user never do.