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@mellotronrules there are no labor laws about what is an acceptable work week, only laws that say over 40 hours per week is overtime, so if someone is willing to work more they will be paid more for that time than someone else who's only willing to put in 40 hours, and salaried workers are often paid more with the expectation that they may have to work some overtime.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 7.1 million unfilled jobs so your point about employer leverage is largely invalid. Those jobs are unfilled because either there are not enough qualified people for the position, or the job doesn't pay enough, with either case forcing employers to pay more - not a great power dynamic for employers.

Employers have huge amounts of power as people don't just get to choose which "7.1 million jobs" they want. There are tons of constraints that prevent people from picking whatever job they please. Many of which have already been mentioned in this thread.

Also, you are making the assumption that people always have the choice to work overtime. This is rarely the case. People are often forced, either explicitly or implicitly, to work overtime and if they are salaried the compensation, if any, is minimal.

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This seems mean spirited

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I've never watched/listened to everything GB produces, even in slower weeks. I could, as in there are literally enough hours for me to do so, I just chose not to. There are other things I want to do with my free time. As a result, I'm very selective with what content I watch/listen to. Only spending my time with what interests me the most.

You shouldn't feel obliged to consume all of the content GB produces or, even feel bad for skipping some features.

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Eh. I really enjoy reading, and agree that has advantages over improvised video, but this doesn't really bother me. If anything, this move is exciting as it shows that GB is trying to experiment with ways to review games that are more in line with rest of the content on the site.

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Putting a little bit of effort into my appearance. Just a couple of minutes a day has massively boosted my self-esteem and overall happiness.

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One other thing I noticed was that Kyle, when talking about when we can expect new info, said CDPR would be coming out with new details, ". . . over the next f--" before stopping himself, joking that he nearly gave something away. I thought he was going to say the next few years, which would place it on the next consoles quite firmly in my opinion, but I could be wrong in my analysis.

If the next gen consoles come out in 2020 then that makes sense. Although, there is no way they don't also ship a version on current gen as well considering the install base.

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I'm excited about the location. Scotland and the greater Edinburgh area is gorgeous. I hope that they do it justice. It would be so cool if they you could jump off the top Arthur's Seat. The rest of the game seems fine.

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I guess all of the time on Smash means they don't have anything else releasing for the next six months. Unless they do what they did last year and stealth announce a game on treehouse.

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@casepb: Its not on the windows store. If you have a physical copy of the game you can still play it off that. It still won't solve the GFWL issue though.

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@tshngo said:

@vashyron said:

@tobbrobb: Yeah, when I think about DmC, I think I focus more on the tone and setting rather than the combat, mostly cause I don't care about getting SSS every fight nor do I pay attention to that enough to notice, so I can see why people who come to that series because they love the combat and find it no where near as rewarding are left disappointed by it.

That's all I was really getting at. The characters and story and overall tone of DmC I don't like but I won't begrudge someone for enjoying it. There's just a lot of people who insist there's no reason anyone could dislike it besides that stuff and that "change is bad, keep it like the old ones" without ever acknowledging totally genuine criticism of the gameplay. Most of Giant Bomb staff included in that, unfortunately.

Like with alot of things, on initial release the loudest voices in the room were those with the most superficial criticisms. People who thought DmC combat was flawed were the minority compared to those who hated the game for hair color and tone changes. It is also hard to convey detailed combat critiques in 140 character which, is probably what lead most people, including GB staff, to never see them.