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OBS is good a free. I've used it to record some gameplay as well as desktop stuff and it worked well. I found it intuitive to use but, if you get stuck there are million tutorials out there as it the current "industry standard" for youtubers and twitch streamers. You can also configure quality which should help with the file size issue.

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GBE work out the CBSi office in NY.

28 East 28th Street

10th Floor

New York, NY 10016-7922

You could send it to that address and write "Giant Bomb Dan Ryckert" on it and it would probably find its way to him.

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Hopefully that means it'll be great.

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@glots said:

Teasing this in a similiar style as elusive targets is making me kinda curious. If they are going to continue the season route, it would be pretty great from them to announce that a new map gets released during E3 or right after it.

That would be awesome and in line with the way content was released last season/ game.

Man, I am extremely excited at all of the cool improvement they might've made to the game.

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I really want to play this game now, and I don't even own PSVR.

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@deckard said:

But how are journalists (i.e. the GB crew) supposed to surface the quality games if they too are inundated by an endless, unorganized stream of garbage? Jeff, Brad, Drew, and Jason have all complained at separate points about having to spend hours sifting through the New Release list to find things that are QL-worthy.

GB and other outlets are going to have to base what they cover off of word-of-mouth and games they have played/seen at trade shows. There is nothing else they can do because, at a certain point they are the ones that are meant to try games and then tell their audience if the game is worth playing. It will just continue to be another menial part of the job like checking all the email they get.

@luchalma said:

Legit question, is there anything Steam has over a service like GoG, other than a massive playerbase? Because it has seemed to me like, for years, Steam has gotten worse and less usable. While GoG, even outside of the DRM free thing, has been adding cloud saves and achievements and things people want and expect, all the while maintaining a more curated store.

Steam as all the new releases. With a few notable exceptions every new PC is released on Steam. GOG only gets the ones that are released DRM-free. GOG also curates their store so, it is an even smaller subsection than that. Steam also has integrated mod support.

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This doesn't change much. The steam store has been a bad way to find games since greenlight started and it has only gotten worse since. At this point I don't know why anybody would use Steam as a way to find new games. This also won't solve Valve's problem of needing to draw the line somewhere. How much nudity, or violence can a game contain before they ban it. Also, how much "game" does a game need to have to be allowed on the platform?

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@efesell: Not necessarly. Paradox did publishing for Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny and were unhappy with the sales. I know that shadow run isn't exactly the same thing but, Paradox might be resistant to the idea of publishing another isometric RPG.

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Gladius: is a strategy game with some rpg elements about gladiators. I remember it being really good but, it has also been over a decade since I played it.

There is also a ton of Nintendo first party games from the Gamecube and N64 that have yet to get a virtual console release. Stuff like Mario Sunshine and Paper Mario.

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I think leaks are fine. I think that the video game industry relies too much on secrecy, which in my opinion hurts the game industry in the long run. Finding out that a game I might like exists does not ruin me liking that game, if anything it might get me more excited. I wish it worked more like how the movie industry announces its projects (EX: Marvel announcing their phase rollouts) where we know actors, script writers, directors way before the movie is made. The less secrecy around video game projects, the more the audience can educate themselves about what goes into making a video game, which helps the audience be more understanding when delays have to occur.

The amount of secrecy in the video game industry is silly sometimes. Like, Ubisoft could just come out say, similar to Marvel, that Watch Dogs 3 will come out in fall of this year, Far Cry 6 will release fall of 2019, Assassin's Creed is annual again etc. It would surprise no one. Other companies could do a similar thing by giving just the most basic of info on what studios are working on next.