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The soundtrack is good at evoking the tone the game is going for but the music isn't very good. I have been playing remastered with my own music on and recommend others do the same.

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Whatever Respawn is putting out next Titanfall 3 or Unnamed Starwars game. I really want a good single player AAA Star Wars game but the odds seem low from EA.

Forza Horizon 4. I have put soooo much time into 3 and would love to play another one although, I could wait 'till next year because of Paradise remastered.

Hitman Season 2 . I hope that IO manages to keep to the same level of quality now that they are independent.

That new 3D rpg from Obsidian Private Division. They have a rocky history with polygonal rpgs so, I hope that this one is finished and polished by release next year.

I would also like to see some long unedited sections of gameplay from RD2, That From Software Game, Metro:Exedus, Cyberpunk:2077.

I also want a bunch of cool new surprises that will be released this decade(looking at you Square Enix and Microsoft).

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I think thats against the Geneva Convention.

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I doesn't seem like that much of a change, or really any change, to me. Granted I have only been following the site for a couple of years so maybe things were different before then. The only difference I see is the names of the series. Metal Gear Scanlon -> Who's the big boss. Steal My Sunshine -> Thirteen Deadly Sims. The Old Games Show -> Jeff's Home Game. Endurance Run: Shenmue 3 -> Beast In the East. It still seems like there is still the same amount of one off streams and videos as before.

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Personally I'm waiting for EA to launch their crypto currency "FrostFranks"

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@nals said:

This poll reads as people saying which game they like best.

Demon Souls has neat bosses, but rarely good bosses. Most are trivial to beat, or just require you to know a specific thing. All are done better in later entries.

Dark Souls 1 has some good bosses. But also some REALLY BAD bosses. The entire second half of that game was rushed and it shows.

Dark Souls 3 has generally good bosses, with some great bosses. Overall very good. My second or third.

Bloodbourne is generally good bosses, with a few stinkers. But also a few really boring bosses. I'd honestly place it behind Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 2 is nothing but good/great bosses. The game itself has some issues, but the boss design is not one of them. Very few bosses in DS2 fall down to just "good", almost all are on par with or better then the greats of the rest of the series. It's the most technically minded game, and because of that the boss design shines. You rarely get showy bosses like the other games, but I find the showy bosses tend to be the worst designed anyways so it works out well. I get the feeling a lot of people are just using their baggage of not liking DS2/the internet talk up of not liking DS2 to hate on it's bosses.

Then again, I'm of the opinion that DS2 is in fact the best DS game as well, so I'm probably biased.

To say that Dark Souls 2 is nothing but good/great bosses is some serious rose tinted glasses. There are some good bosses for sure but, there are some really bad bosses. For example:

  • The Royal Rat Vanguard: Literally a room full of rats. There is almost no challenge in this fight. You just kill rats until you win.
  • Prowling Magus and Congregation: How someone decided to attach a boss health bar and fog door to this group enemies will always be a mystery. But, they did so its a boss.
  • Mytha, the Baneful Queen: This is the worst one in the entire game. It is surrounded by a pool of poison that you have to either deal with, making it the most annoying fight in the series, or you have to know the nonsense that takes away the poison making the fight incredibly uninteresting.

Once again. there are good fights in the game but, fights like these make it almost impossible to argue that the game is nothing but good/great fights. I would also go as far as to say that the good/great fights are the exception not the rule.

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This will turn the bottom of Blight town into new kind of hell and would probably make it near impossible if you don't go back to the asylum first. Actually, now that I think about, every area up until Anor Londo would be way harder. The late game areas are balanced around fewer harder enemies so they should be easier.

I kinda want to play it just to see if I can make it past sen's fortress.

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The early 2018 release date was never that convincing considering how little marketing there has been. It'll be interesting to see how they differentiate the story from the previous game.

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@picky_bugger: I guess i see it differently in that Subnautica has an almost horror game element to the exploration because, if you go in mostly spoiler free, you don't know what could be lurking in the depths. It adds a lot tension to the game that would be lost if the game was set on Earth. That said, if someone made Subnautica but set it on a water-world version of Earth with all of prehistory's most terrifying sea creatures, I would totally play that too.

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I am fairly deep into the game and never found water to be an issue. At the beginning it was slightly annoying with the constant need to collect bladder fish but after a few hours, I started to transition from filtered water to distilled water, a recipe you can craft from the start of the game, which fills more meter and is way less annoying to craft because no fish are needed . At that point it just became a matter of every time I went exploring I needed to be on the look out for the appropriate resources. Now I don't even think about water because I have all the drinking water anyone could possibly need.

@picky_bugger Are referring to the sand sharks and stalkers? There are scarier creatures than that. For example, there is the aforementioned monster that can eat you and your submarine.