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If they had made this Bad Company 3 then the only complaint would've been, "Why can't I get a cosmetic skin to make this tank look like a solid gold monster truck?"

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Nope. The campaign - and Spec Ops, until Activision completely abandoned the mode for whatever asinine reason - was my entire interest in the Call of Duty franchise, especially Black Ops. I had some fun with Nazi Zombies and even briefly enjoyed the zombie stuff in Black Ops I, but never really considered it a selling point. And I just outright don't give a fuck about multiplayer. Across the nearly dozen Call of Duties games I've played, I doubt I've played more than thirty matches of competitive multiplayer in total. Just never enjoyed it. So, without a campaign, there's nothing there for me.

Though, to be fair, I never paid $60 for any Call of Duty game. I don't think I ever paid more than $25, because the campaign was really the thing I was interested in and, even when they're good, they're still only, at best, 8-hour campaigns. So, I was never really Activision's target market and, as such, can't really be all that upset about getting shafted.

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The only movie I found so unbearable that I left an actual theater was The Last of the Mohicans.

Crap movies I stopped watching partway through at home via rental, Netflix, etc.? I've lost track. Though, I can say it's mostly happened during the last 5-6 years.

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I really haven't done much multiplayer gaming since college, since most multiplayer is competitive and I just can't get into playing competitive multiplayer with random people. It's rarely fun, for a number of reasons. So, I tend to have the exact opposite experience. There may be multiplayer games/modes I'm interested in or eager to experience, but I often find my enthusiasm lacking unless I have friends available to help get me properly excited to dive in.

If you've got friends available and you're really enjoying your time with multiplayer, then just embrace it. There will almost certainly come a time where other responsibilities and commitments will make it harder to schedule those games with friends. At which point, you'll likely rekindle your love for single player games. Just play what makes you happy.

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"He's never left. I'm Sam."

Fuckin' A right.

I think that Ubisoft kept pursuing him and worked with him to more fully develop the characters speaks to the fact that somebody - or several somebodies - there is a Michael Ironside fan and they probably hated having to replace him as much as the Splinter Cell audience hated losing him. If he's up for it, they should absolutely bring him back for a new Splinter Cell game. And a Splinter Cell game that gets the new Ubisoft post-release support? Fuck. Now is the time.

And, really, when you think about the Bombcast speculation of Ubisoft's E3 presence now that they're safe and free from the Vivendi takeover and Ben's suggestion of Yves Guillemot coming out and saying, "You should've kill me when you had the chance"...can you think of a better line for Michael Ironside's Sam Fisher to say in a teaser trailer for a new Splinter Cell? Speaks to Ubisoft being unshackled, Michael Ironside surviving cancer, and the return of an iconic Ubisoft property/character. That's how Ubisoft should start their press conference. Dark auditorium. A few moments of silence. Then Michael Ironside's gruff voice: "You should've killed me when you had the chance." That high-pitched whine as those three green circles appear on screen, hang for a moment, then converge and swirl to become the Ubisoft logo. Lights. Yves Guillemot comes out to thunderous applause.

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I never thought Kratos was a particularly appealing character, but I steadily grew to outright hate him - and the God of War franchise - the more they milked it without actually evolving the character or the gameplay. At this point, I don't know that I'm capable of giving him/the franchise another chance - and switching him from always/only angry to all serious and moody isn't exactly bringing me around on him. Plus, his fucking kid seems like he sucks. Admittedly, I don't much care for children to begin with, especially children in video games, and Ellie set the bar impossibly high. Atreus sure as shit ain't no Ellie.

I do kind of like that God of War PS4 Pro, though. But, in all likelihood, I won't touch the game until it's free with PS+.

(I think my favorite memory of the God of War games was one of them had Kratos shouting, "I have no time for the lies of the gods!" and, for weeks after, I went around singing, "I have no time for the lies of the gooooooooods!" like it was a death metal song. It caught on with my friends and we'd just randomly bust that out. Stupid as fuck, but it still makes me laugh.)

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My two biggest mistakes in my first playthrough were trying to save all my goodies for when I'd 'really' need them and always clearing an area. If you're playing on normal, I suggest not being stingy with shivs and bullets (and molotovs!), because there are ample supplies around. I mean, don't play it like an action game, because you still want to stealth to some degree both for practically and atmosphere, but you don't have to play it like a survival horror game either, if you're on normal. Though, there are times where the best stealth approach is to sneak past everyone and not engage, not even going for stealth kills. The biggest problem is that it's not always clear which tactics might be best. If whatever approach you're trying just doesn't seem to be working, then try something else. Trial and error is an unfortunate aspect of the gameplay.

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The True Vault Hunter mode in 2 was unplayable alone.

Yeah...I thought I'd finally bang out the platinum trophy, but playing TVH mode solo to reach level 50 and gear up for Terramorphous is proving to be a fucking nightmare. I love the fact that they actually put some work into the mode, creating modified versions of enemies instead of just giving them more hit points and higher damage, and appreciate that it's actually a challenge - something Playthrough 2 in the first Borderlands sorely lacked - but it's proving to be more frustrating than fun, in no small part because 1) 95% of the guns you find over the course of playing are weak, inaccurate trash, 2) the skill tree was gimped to encourage (i.e. force) cooperative play, and 3) the whole "Badass rank" is a friggin' joke, unless dealing an additional 14.1% Gun Damage is meant to constitute being a badass. At no point have I ever felt like a badass in Borderlands 2.

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I, like a lot of people, didn't play Rogue when it came out but had it on my to-buy list, and I thought this remaster might be the way to go, but I'm not seeing a huge reason to get this version over the last gen one. Yeah, it's slightly sharper, slightly prettier, but not to a degree that wows me.

On the other hand, Sea of Thieves is a real bummer and I have zero interest in that PvP-focused Skull and Bones game, so...if I want to play a new pirate game on current hardware, I guess it's this or nothing.

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Even though I've pretty much lost all interest in the franchise at this point - given they've completely squanderer every opportunity to do something innovative, fresh, or just plain different since they took over - I guess I want to see what 343 does with Halo 6. I'd like them to just wrap this bullshit up and then put Halo on an extended (10 years, minimum) hiatus or just fucking retire the series already.

I'd really like to see some Ghost of Tsushima gameplay. I'd dying to see exactly what the hell that game is. We're seriously overdue for a samurai resurgence, though, I'm not sure Sucker Punch is the company to give me the experience I want. But I'm perfectly willing to have them prove me wrong, and I'd love for them to knock this out of the park.

Gearbox has to show off some Borderlands 3, right? I'm ready. I just hope they make some major improvements over Borderlands 2, while taking notes on what not to do based on consumer reaction to all the bullshit trends in games over the last few years - and especially last year's Winner of the Trifecta of Feculence, EA.

And what the fuck happened to Michel Ancel's WiLD? They had that crazy-ass trailer for the game a couple years back and then I feel like the game just vanished off the face of the earth. Be nice to see an updated on that game - but only if it's expected to release before E3 2019.

Speaking of shit with unknown release dates, Microsoft needs to show Crackdown 3 with a definitive release date or run a bloopers reel showing how fucking busted and craptastic it is, apologize to everyone who was foolishly excited for the game, admit they'll be slipping it onto store shelves with no fanfare and recommend people don't buy it. Enough already. They've been working on it for how long now? If the damn thing isn't good enough to release at this point, more time and money isn't going to fix it; just drop that turd and move on.

From Software's new game?
The Last of Us 2 gameplay?
Obligatory appear of Death Stranding?

Could be one hell of an E3.