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I doubt many people actually visit this page but here I go anyway. Keeping it fairly simple. I'm a pretty serious gamer that likes to review games as well. I have a vast collection and I plan on reviewing them all in time. Now in regards to my reviews, they are strictly my own opinion and I never attempt to offend anyone but if it happens then oh well. I write for fun, and my only intention is to try and provide the best amount of information about a game to potential buyers. I'm pretty strict with my ratings because money and time are two things the average person is scarce on, and most sane people will not like to waste neither on bullshit.

What I look for in games:

I want a decent enough story mode with solid game play and variety. I want a main character with some depth that I can get behind. Static characters are fine as long as the game is kick ass for the most part. Graphics won't make or break a game for me but they do help. I don't care much for multi-player, and I don't have time for fighters these days; my only objective is to finish the game, get an ending, and move on to the next. I will really have to like something to go for 100%. I play all games on normal mode or better and I avoid guides.

Favorite genres: Action/Adventure, First Person, Plat-former