Street Fighter 5 is something we should be saying no to.

Alright people, once again Capcom has released another Triple A title, in fact it was released on the 16th of this month and the game just so happens to be another sequel to the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter V. This is a totally new game with updated character designs, gorgeous backgrounds, and a fluid combat system. I must admit that after playing the game online I would give it a fairly high rating based on that because it really is a good fighting game, and this is coming from someone whom doesn’t really get into fighting games as much anymore. Unfortunately, the game was met with a ton of negative criticism on release day and rightfully so. Those whom aren’t in on the subject will probably wonder what the issue is. Read on and I’ll briefly cover it. For more information there are many discussions on various forums to get even more detail on the situation at hand. I’m mainly going to address what simply bothers me and could probably break my long time relationship with Capcom if there aren’t some changes.

When the game was released there was a problem where the servers went down or weren’t even up and the game couldn’t be played online. This was a huge problem because the online gaming portion is the only good thing readily available, so people were left with a $60 game they couldn’t play the way they wanted. It’s true that the servers were up and running about a day or perhaps the next day, but it’s also true Capcom sold us a game that was in fact broken. If game developers are going to release games with only an online feature then that game more than ever must be working as soon as it’s opened. Now what I still find mind-blowing, is that there actually are individuals excusing Capcom for selling us a game that they knew had problems, and want the naysayers or “haters” to simply accept this and move on because the game was working later. No, hell no, this was a good reason to not buy the game and be rightfully pissed off because the game is suppose to be working out the package. I am long sick of companies releasing titles with game breaking problems and then going on about fixing them later. I want my game working as soon as I open it. Period. Game companies do not deserve apologies or passes from the consumers for fixing their broken product because it’s their job to have the thing working from day one, not being released to us as a work in progress. Capcom defenders think we feel entitled because we want the game we paid for to be running from day one. They are fuckin’ crazy as far as I’m concerned.

The game has a poor story mode that can be finished in what feels like as soon as it begins, plus a lack luster character roster of 16 fighters missing some key omissions such as Akuma and Sagat which I think is bullshit; but the main thing that has me outright furious is that Capcom thought it was a good idea to release the game without an Arcade mode, which I just can’t see the logic in this. I get that many people like to play online but Arcade mode has been around since forever in two player fighting games. It’s what makes a fighting game and there just isn’t an excuse out there good enough to justify leaving this out.

Speaking for myself and maybe even others out there; I need to have an Arcade mode because quite frankly I suck at online competition. I am 38 years old with other things to do, plus I prefer to play other titles once I finish them. I do not have time to invest in a six button pro controller, and spend countless hours learning to be an expert with any character. It’s cool if there are others my age who have that kind of time. I no longer do not, and because of this I do not find it fun to go up against someone who has had thousands of matches, and then will come and fuck me up in record time. There is simply no fun in that. I’m pretty sure if I turned on Mortal Kombat 9 right now and decided to play its epic story mode; I will need the strategy guide for the characters moves right next to me. That’s the kind of attention fighting games get from me and I’m sure there are others in my age bracket that feel the same way.

The one thing that I find very disturbing in all of this, is that Capcom was sent an email by a magazine recently about their omission of the Arcade Mode feature and they simply stated they will look into it. This is scary for gamers whom see things the way I do. If Capcom is allowed to get away with this, and Street Fighter V as it is now does very well. Then what is there to stop other companies from following suit and simply start releasing barebones releases?

As it is now, Capcom has promised there will be DLC, new characters added, and then there’s the possibility of an Arcade Mode in the future across the next several months; but as a gamer I’m long sick and tired of hearing the excuses when half-assed games are released at $60, and defenders of these companies are supporting these projects and making excuses for them. I did not buy Street Fighter V and more than likely I’m not going to. This is the first SF game I may never own, and I think others should do the same to send Capcom a message that this is bullshit. At the very least, I would urge people to speak with their dollars and do continue not to purchase this game if they haven’t already until the main issues with this game is addressed. I heard several times releasing half done games will soon become the norm, but seriously, it really doesn’t have to be.

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