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Personal Game of the Year

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Okay so here is my reason.  I haven't gotten to play a lot of games this year and my PS3 broke so all I have been playing is  Wii games all year but this game has to be the best of the year in my opinion because I got it in June for my birthday and I played it none stop through September.  That's a big chuck of my year knowing that my wife and I had our second child this year and have not really had any money for other games this year.  The graphics were amazing and the gameplay was the best ever.  Yes I beat it in under 20 hours but by the time I completed the game I ended up putting in over 35 hours into this game.  That's a lot for me and I can't even remember the last time I played a game that long.  That is just how addicted I was to this game.  I know there were other great games for other great systems but I was unable to play them so if you are going to hate on me for that well then you should be ashamed of yourself since I am almost always broke after every paycheck due to bills.  Other than that I hope you all had a great 2010 and can't wait to play some more games in 2011, but who knows that maybe my 2011 Game of the Year might be a game from 2010 since I just got Kirby and Donkey Kong for Christmas.  But if Zelda comes out like expected I will definitely have that pre-ordered and that will probably end up being a front runner for my 2011 Game of the Year just because it is my all time favorite franchise.  Well have a great New Year and maybe I'll see you guys around the interwebs.