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If I played this when I was 8 when it originally came out I would 0

 Well after never really playing this game until 2010, I feel like it is great game that still holds up in todays standards. I always remember people telling me how great it was but I never had a chance to really play it since I never owned the game. But thanks to the Virtual Console I was finally given the chance. To start off the only Metroid games I have played before this one was Fusion and Prime 1 and 2,Pinball and Hunters. But this game although short was very fun to play and I know if I p...

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A must buy! 0

I think by now most of us know how to play a 3D Mario game and I feel like this one is one of the best ones yet.  Given I have played Mario Galaxy 1 and I had a great time and it was amazing, but Galaxy 2 was outstanding and flat out perfect.  There was so much more to this game and I love how they got ride of the hub world.  I found myself smiling the entire time I played this game and I will try to continue to play it until I collect all of the stars.  The gameplay is amazing and the platformi...

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Another great game in the MGS series. 0

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is a direct sequel to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.  You play as Big Boss, aka Naked Snake and if you enjoyed MGS3 you will enjoy playing this game.  What's really nice about this game being a portable game is that the levels are short and sweet which is perfect for me since I don't have as much time to game anymore since I am a father.  Continuing Naked Snake's storyline is great and you start to see where he goes from being the hero to the enemy we see in Meta...

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Left wanting for more. 0

This game picks up right where Tools of Destruction leaves off so if you would want to play this game I'd pick up Tools first and beat it.  But if you don't feel like it the intro does a good job recapping everything from Tools.  This game plays exactly like Tools so you should know how it works now, but I wish that all of my stuff from Tools would have carried over to this game since I had everything maxed out.  That is a minor complaint though about the game and the other minor complaint was t...

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Feels like this is what Banjo-Kazooie would be like in 2007. 0

Well to start off I have never played a game in the Ratchet & Clank series.  I bought it because I bought Quest for Booty on sale on PSN and had to get this one cause I wanted to try out a new franchise.  For me this game was pretty good for a newcomer to the series but my main complaint was that it was too easy up until the very end.  The gameplay was awesome though, at first it felt like a Mario game, then I was skating on rails like in Sonic Adventure, and then I was in a plane and it fel...

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Nice story but bad camera angles. 0

  It was a pretty good story for a Spider-Man game... I liked it but the only thing that ruin most of its moments were the bad camera angles. I've never played a game that had horrible camera angles like this game. But if you can deal with that you will be in for a treat with its story.... Oh and Spider-Man's voice sucks, but you get use to it... I beat it on the good story line because I feel that Spider-Man would have done the same. I didn't really want to play the game over on the bad story l...

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My biggest beef with the game... 0

 Alright well here we go, first off I want to say that I played and loved the original and use to play it all the time with my brother when I was a kid, so I would think that I know a lot about this game... Yes they change up the levels... what no Technodrome? WTF! Cement Man? what the hell is this Mega Man... at least name him Mud Man or something cause I was in prehistoric times and there was no cement around when dinosaurs where around!!! But my biggest problem with that game is the SCORING S...

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Well to start off I did not buy this game on launch day, I've had 0

 Well just to start off, this is my favorite game of all time, I remember when I played it when I was just 7 years old and rented it and couldn't beat it in the 3 days I had to rent the game... So later on we finally bought it and I spent most of my childhood playing this game and beating it over and over again, I thought this game was perfect when I was 7 and today at 24 I still think it is. Most people say OoT is the best Zelda but IMO it is this game, cause the graphics actually hold up to, t...

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Great game for being 3 years old... 0

 Well to start off I did not buy this game on launch day, I've had my PS3 for almost 2 years now when I decided to pick up this game... I bought it last year when I saw Resistance 2 came out and thought to myself, well if this game warranted a sequel then I should probably try it out... and I decided to try and play some new original IPs since I am stuck loving only the ones I grew up playing: Zelda, Mario, Metal Gear, etc... all of the ones from previous generations before PS2 except for God of...

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A game that will make you relive your childhood all over again. 0

 First off I would like to start this review off by saying I have beaten all 9 of the original Mega Man games and this game ranks up their with the best of them. In my opinion I have always loved Mega Man 2 and 3 the best since it was before they started to water down the franchise with the later titles but that is for another story. But playing through this game has made me want to be a kid again where there was no worries or anything, but the main reason I wish I was a kid after playing this i...

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Still enjoyable despite not being as great as RE4. 0

 I wanted to say I really enjoyed this game, even though it wasn't as amazing as Resident Evil 4. But beside that fact it was still a great game, one of the things I still loved about this game was that during the cut scenes you always had to pay attention or you would die. It is a great way to keep the gamer into the game and it still caught me off guard a couple of times. The gameplay from RE4 was brought back for this game and I still love it. I know they have went away from some of the more ...

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It was a good game just hard, but not as memorable as the first t 0

  I guess I'll start this review off by saying, I have only been playing the Castlevania series since about the first GBA game. I have played games in the past but never beat them up until then, I never played SotN and I know it is the best but I started when Circle of the Moon came out so I'll mainly go from the perceptive and on. This game is good for a Castlevania game but it just didn't leave the same stamp of awesome as the other two games but not nearly as good as Dawn of Sorrow. I know ev...

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A must own for all Zelda fans! 0

 To start off this review I must say I absolutely love this game. I haven't been this into a Zelda game probably since Wind Waker. The train in the game is surprisingly good, even though I died a couple of times running into other trains at first. It is a really nice addition to the Zelda series and a new formula that is truly enjoyable. It seems that the tracks are long but they really aren't, I didn't even discover the fact that they're warp zones on the tracks until I beat the game. So having...

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Metal Gear Solid meets Metroid 0

  This game is amazing and whatever system you own this is a must own! The game play is great too, I love the free flow combat in the game too. It is very smooth and feels great while doing it. I seem to have found myself relying on detective mode a little to much but it didn't bother me as much as it did some people. It feels like Metal Gear Solid because of the way you go around in stealth most of the game and the Scarecrow parts are so amazing they are on par with or even better than the Psyc...

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The perfect amount of length in a videogame. 0

 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was just a fun game for me. The length of the game was just perfect for me. Some might complain that it was to short but it was just right for me. But I also didn't pay full price for this game so that was also factor in this. I love the Nathan Drake character and I feel that Nolan North did a great job as him. This was a fun adventure game with the right amount of puzzles and the running and gunning was fun too. The game was not perfect by no means but it was an over...

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Just long enough to relive some of the NES glory days. 0

 To start off this game has only three levels, but those three levels are very fun if you were a gamer in the NES era. The game is short and sweet and straight to the point. Each of the three levels are the same where you have to get key cards before you fight the end boss. The levels are decently big for trying to be an NES game but it ends up being repetitive in the end. Every boss battle is exactly the same and pretty easy after you figure out the pattern. I did enjoy this game but I do not f...

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A better game when playing multiplayer. 0

 Well to start off to describe this game, it is your basic formula for an old school Mario game. The catch here though is that for the first time you can play with up to 4 players. The game itself is pretty fun but can get boring when only playing by yourself, but when you play with other people the difficulty goes up and you just have more fun than you are when you are playing alone. For the 4 players you get Mario, Luigi, and a yellow and blue Toad. I wish for players 3 and 4 they could have b...

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t's Mega Man and after 10 iterations you know what you are going 0

 Well first off this is a Mega Man game and you have to defeat the 8 master robots before you can move on to the final levels. If you have recently read my blog you will see that Mega Man is my second favorite gaming franchise and with playing Mega Man 10 I still love this franchise. The big part that helped me to continue playing this game has been the trophy support because it has added hours of my gameplay for me. Again the level design and music are amazing, with the music growing on you the...

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