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Where the hell did you read that there was co-op anywhere in the campaign?
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The competitive multiplayer in Bulletstorm would have been terrible. You can stun guys for 3 sceonds at a time at range (LB: leash), at point-blank range (B: kick), or by sliding into a guy rapidly (double-tap A). It would be endlessly frustrating to be on the receiving end of any of those three button presses in a competitive multiplayer match. This is even discounting the fact that there's a myriad of ways to kill guys in LITERALLY one shot. You absolutely do not want a versus-mode multiplayer in Bulletstorm. 
If you still want to beat your friends down, there are two other options: The leaderboards on Echoes mode, or in the co-op multiplayer, each player gets an individual score, so you can say "ha ha I got the most points".
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For what it's worth, the PC version comes with GFWL, so you'll still got achievements (And Xbox controller) support there. Me, I'll be playing on PC with an Xbox controller because I want 1080@60 (or, stereo 720@60; apparently it looks really great in stereo).
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@wolf_blitzer85 said:

Then again this could also be why some people have obscenely high scores.

 No it's not. When you hit the trigger that causes the start-of-Echo "dropshop" menu to appear, the number of skillpoints being counted towards the Echo is reset. You'll see that at the end of the second Echo, the guy's score is six-thousand something, despite starting with over ten-thousand.
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@ImBigInJapan said:
". The variety allows the player to keep finding new ways to score such that the basic mechanics don't feel repetitive. While Pac-Man kept me interested for a little while, eventually the small number of levels and my own limitations in skill caused my interest to wane. For the cost of the game that was acceptable, but I expect a game costing 4 times as much to have far more potential to keep me involved. In terms of consistency, there must be some ability for the player to predict the outcome of an event so that trying the same thing multiple times yields a similar result. Otherwise there is a risk that the player ends up feeling the game is "random" which really can kill enthusiasm in terms of striving to improve. The big design challenge here is that consistency and variety are at odds and a balance needs to be struck.   The demo of the game did not sell me on either variety or consistency.
1) On the variety side, it shouldn't be too bad. For one, there's still more weapons, and secondly, there's something like 130 skillshots in the game (including team-based ones in the co-op multiplayer). There's also a pretty good variety of Echoes, plus the story campaign, plus the multiplayer.
2) It seems the consistency that you're complaining about is because you're not sure what the requirements for a given skillshot are. In the full game, the menu that comes up when you hit "back" shows you all of the skillshots (and which ones you've done or not), so you should be able to see what causes it. The only randomness might come from some finicky skillshots like the one where you shoot the same limb over and over again because it's just plain hard to, well, hit the same limb over and over again, but every skillshot is entirely deterministic: There's no dice roll involved. Besides, those shots that ARE somewhat random give very few points compared to the stuff that you can, relatively speaking, rehearse and practice.  You'll almost always get far more points from crafting a different strategy than you will from trying to get the more infrequent skillshots.
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@MrKlorox said:
  I find the pistol's alt fire to work excellently and net a lot of points if you wear down the guy's health before using it. And when you do, wait for them to circle around you then fire it at the ground. Blind fire kills. "
Quoted for emphasis. Firing the screamer's alt-fire into a group of guys, and killing many of them quickly earns you a nice pile of points. That cluster of guys that spawn in the elevator, for example, can earn you several thousand points alone. Throw a firework into them, and then use the leash's thumper attack (hold LB), and you'll get, on each of them, a flyswatter shot, afterburner, and you should get a few firefighter shots.
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I've had both of Rorie's issues happenf ro me, as well. The Trend Setter achievement I got as well, especially considering I have my console set to GMT instead of EST time, so every time I work out after work, it's already in the next day. I've technically missed almost every workout, but after my fifth workout, it unlocked.
Realistically, the most objectionable bug I've encountered is that V-sits and a few other ground exercises simply don't work at all. It's not that surprising, given that it seems the Kinect posing software doesn't support those poses at all: I opened the Kinect Tuner and saw what it thought my pose was when I was in those positions, and it just goes crazy. Does anyone know if I can always just do those workouts manually, skip them, and have the game still say "Yeah, you burned X calories! Good job!" ?