Best Stories in gaming

Here is a list of games/series that I feel have some of the best stories in gaming or helped pioneer new ways of delivering the story. To get on the list a story has to drive the game forward and make the gamer want to discover everything it has to offer.

List items

  • The Legacy of Kain series has one of the most in depth stories in gaming History. There are so many twists and turns the storyline itself could fit into many genres and hold its own against many book. The story is so good it more then makes up for some flaws in gameplay. The acting is also some of the best you will find anywhere.

  • It took a new generation of consoles to get me interested in Kojima's Masterpiece. Once you get past some of the more absurd moments you will discover an amazing cast of characters and events that will keep you coming back again and again.

  • Some people dont find the story all that great but when you consider it extends way past just games you find alot of depth and backstory. Some of the story information was also delivered via hidden messages and artwork in game itself. Bungie also helped created many web based ARG games such as ilovebees which made users participate with each other to uncover hidden messages and backstory. When you piece all of it together you have one of the most complex universes ever created in gaming and I have a feeling we havent seen anything yet.

  • The Oddworld series is...Odd. It features a lighter story but that doesnt take away from the fact that its very interesting and spans multiple games and genres.

  • Bethesda has created a world that may rival Tolkiens LOTR in depth and complexity when all is said and done. It spans multiple games and has a cast of characters that is well into the thousands. They have even gone so far as to write 100's of in game books that fill in story of the rich and colorful world.

  • I guess im going to have to add the original to the database so for now Invisible War will suffice. IonStorm created and amazing cast of characters and delivered one of the first true FPS RPG's that stands the test of time as one of the best games and game stories ever made.

  • Bioware went back in time and based their game on the Knights of the Old Republic book. One of the best if not the best Star Wars games to date KOTOR has a rich story and an excellent cast that pushes you ahead and forces you to finish.

  • Rare tried to help Nintendo shake the kiddy image they spent years creating with a reboot of their Conker series. The game was a disappointment when it came to sales most likely due to Nintendo's lack of marketing the game but that doesnt change the fact that when it came out it was crude rude and full of...poo? The game was funny and about as well written as a game about a drunk squirrel can get. You kept playing just to see what would happen next. The game was later released with improved graphics on the Xbox.

  • The GTA series has a long storied history. One thing Rockstar North has always managed to deliver was an interesting story that made some of the more tedious missions worth playing. The game was a journey full of some of the best characters ever conceived.

  • God of War was not only a showcase PS2 title but one for PSP as well. The team of writers took Greek Mythology and rewrote it to include their main character Kratos. If you somehow get bored of the excellent gameplay the story will keep you going. You never know who you will meet next.

  • The Ninja Gaiden series has the honor of being one of the first games to ever feature animated cutscenes. Sure the story itself may not be the greatest ever written but the series helped pioneer the way gaming stories were delivered and the cutscenes are never boring.