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Metroid Dread is ultimately a middling game of great spectacle. 1

Metroid Dread is ultimately a middling game of great spectacle. It’s questionable E.M.M.I. gimmick, lack of accessibility features, and it favoring a heavily directed path will like turn off both hardcore fans of the genre and people looking for a fun casual experience.(Note: This review will talk pretty openly about many things in this game, including abilities. Outside of one thing, it does not have any truly major spoilers.)There is no small amount of games falling into the Metroidvania...

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The Pedestrian has some cool ideas, but it doesn't meet its potential 4

The Pedestrian has a cool idea and aesthetic, but it falls back on just pretty typical puzzle-platformer and one-hit-death platformer tropes that prevent it from being very interesting beyond the nifty premise.The core aesthetic of this game is rad. You play as a little person icon that adventures through various signage through a dreamlike city. When you reach the exit of one sign, you’ll pan the camera through the environment to a new sign. This part of the game is its shining achievemen...

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Code Vein is more than just anime Dark Souls 0

It's very easy to reduce Code Vein to Dark Souls but with more anime tropes. At a glance that's pretty much what it is. There are genre conventions of both Souls-like (Blight Town and Anor Londo equivalents) and anime (like flashy choreographed fight scenes, melodramatic confessions of love, and a character who looks like she's 16, but is actually much older.) I would not say that it particularly subverts those tropes (especially the anime ones), but, both mechanically and narratively, it still ...

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FutureGrind is a really great balance of incredible flow state and hilarious panic. 0

FutureGrind is one of those games that is pretty simple to understand but has a surprising amount of depth.This was a game I’ve been waiting a long time to play. I first heard of it at a Giant Bomb meet up at PAX west (the one with Mario Party Party 5). It really blew me away there so I’ve been following it ever since. So you can bet I was very excited for its release. Fortunately, it did not disappoint!In this game, you pilot a futuristic bike that grinds on colored rails to earn p...

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Timespinner is the modern Castlevania that Konami would never make 0

I like this game a lot. It plays well, it’s got a good aesthetic, and fantastic music. Timespinner is a quality product that anyone who has enjoyed Castlevania-styled games in the past should pick up. Veterans may find it a bit on the easy side compared to a lot of other similar indie games out there, but don’t let that dissuade you. It just doesn’t have a lot of the BS that is commonplace in modern indie platformers.Let’s get more into it. (Some gameplay/story spoilers t...

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Visual Out is a solid metroidvania 0

Visual Out is a solid metroidvania with cool visuals, cool music, and directionless exploration. If that sounds up your alley then you should give it a shot.(Note this review will have minor spoilers and that the dev and I are mutual follows on Twitter.)I’ve been loosely following game for a few years now. Other than the appearance I didn’t really know what to expect when going into it. What I found is a very solid metroidvania that has some unique twists.This game is probably most s...

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Iconoclast is an alright video game 2

(Note this review contains very minor spoilers about late game encounters and abilities.)I just finished up Iconoclasts. I didn’t find all the collectibles or seek out much of the optional stuff, and likely won’t. Not because I hate the game, but I’m just done with it. My fear before this game came out was that I would feel that same way towards it that I did 2016’s Owlboy. That it would be a game with stunning pixel art visuals but be otherwise unremarkable to not-that-...

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When Heat Signature at it’s best, it’s phenomenal, but it takes too long to get there. 0

There’s nothing cooler in Heat Signature when you up against extreme odds and five seconds of in game time takes five minutes of pausing, planning, and executing in slowed time. You throw your wrench against the wall so the guy behind a locked door opens it. Then you pause. Switch to your sidewinder teleporter to get through the now open door. Pause. Teleport your wrench back to you. Shoot your silenced concussive gun at the one guard down the hall then run up and slice up your target bef...

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Metroid: Samus Returns is another mediocre official Metroid release. 0

Metroid: Samus Returns is another mediocre official Metroid release that shows that Nintendo just doesn’t know what to do with the franchise. Fans of Metroid should temper expectations, newcomers should maybe look somewhere else.Note: there will be some minor spoilers in this review.It’s impossible for me not to compare Samus Returns to last year’s fan-made Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R). Both games reimagine a Game Boy only sequel to a popular NES game, but take drastically d...

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Owlboy took long a long time to make and the results aren't worth your time. 2

Owlboy is a game with wonderful visuals and music that took a long time to make that is utterly mediocre and not really worth your time.(Note: this review does contain slight spoilers)Let’s talk about the positives.The visuals are fantastic. Some real top notch pixel art. Save for some questionable art direction (ie the red flash from the shotgun attack, lack of some button UI), the art is some of the best modern pixel art you’ll ever see. Characters are detailed and full of express...

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