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A game unique in its kind 0

It’s been a year since Atlus released their controversial game, Catherine. While only being available in Japan at the time, the story and difficulty level of Catherine gained a lot of attention quickly and a localization effort was made to bring the title to Western audiences. American regions were blessed a few months later, with the US release in July. Now, 12 months after the original, the game is finally available for European audiences. Publisher Deep Silver made the smart move of picking t...

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A casual pick-up. 0

Putting the word ‘harvest’ in front of any game revolving in the slightest towards the farming culture has paid off for games in the past. Harvest Fishing tells the unlikely tale of a young boy, whose sister has fallen into a comatose sleep, even if they can still communicate. His goal is to become a worldly renowned fisherman by only using a fishing rod, instead of professional equipment. By capturing the infamous River King fish, he hopes to use his scales to wake his sister and gain stardom; ...

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A perfect example of how arcade games used to be 0

Samurai Shodown is only one of many fighters in the Neo Geo line-up, but there is one thing that it does different. Set In feudal Japan, the authentic settings of yore get accompanied by characters wearing the appropriate kimonos and such. More important than this genuine presentation both in appearance and traditional sound, the game is also a pioneer in the use of weaponry.   Its anime appearance would later be an inspiration to modern, 2D, scrolling fighters such as BlazBlue and Marvel Vs C...

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With a B for Burrito 0

Come here, hombre and leave the sombrero. You know what? Keep the sombrero, because it’s about to get muy caliente up in here…ese. To be perfectly honest, most of this review should continue this way; with salsa and tequila poured over every phrase. That’s because Total Overdose is one of the most fitting titles in game history, by going completely overboard in its Latin debauchery and everything else for that matter.   Total overdose has a total overdose of politically incorrect lang...

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Super Sidekicks trades in realism for arcade pleasure 0

Back in the ‘90s, arcades were filled to the brim with brightly colored lights and teens, both making equally loud noises. The cacophony of sound ranged from explosions, fighting screams, crazy gun games, racers and most of all soccer games. Especially in Europe it was all the soccer booths that had the most prominent spot, loudest sound and biggest appeal, even over fighter games. It’s rather strange that this European glory was mostly dominated by Shin Nihon Kikaku or SNK, a Japanese ...

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The main point of You Don’t Know Jack is to make you chuckle 0

  Rare are the men called Cookie; heck, even the women with that name have only been seen in fluorescent lighting whilst enjoying a career in ‘exotic’ dancing. But as the quizmaster in the trivia party game You Don’t Know Jack, Cookie Masterson is your go-to guy throughout the entirety of gameplay. Fusing pop culture with deeply intellectual knowledge, this game requires you to be a homo universalis and no, that’s not an insult. The main point of You Don’t Know Jack is to make you chuck...

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The selection available is bound to find something for everyone. 0

In the good old ‘zombies equals gold’ scenario, we see many games come and go that simply use brain munchers as a plot device. PopCap Games does pretty much the same thing in their colorful tower defense game Plants Vs Zombies, but does manage to squeeze in much needed variety throughout its whole. Crazy Dave is crazy, true story.As the yards of the quirky neighborhood get terrorized by the cartoonish assailants, the power of the sun must put a stop to this attack, by laying down rows of ...

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Hot, kinky and deadly lesbian nuns, anyone? 0

  It's about to get hot in Twin Blades.   Hot, kinky and deadly lesbian nuns, anyone? It’s with the premise that even the slightest sexual innuendo draws attention that Sanuk Games released Twin Blades. But also adding the formula of zombie equals great game, this game combines horror, sex, gore and more of these wonderful themes you just can’t get enough of, you perverted individual. It mixes this in a well-drawn anime world, full of color and most of all, blood. As Sister Angelika s...

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Delve Deeper is a beardful of laughs 0

  You have men and then you have real men; men with beards and pickaxes that spend their days toiling away in the dirt and destroy monsters. We call these guys Dwarves and in Delve Deeper, they slave themselves to bring their King glorious gifts of wealth. Each five-headed team gets their pick of a fast but weak Scout, a bulky but slow Fighter and the pack-mule Miner; each obviously strong in their general class. After you’ve selected a base camp in the three-layered mountain of Dirt, ...

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APOX offers an innovating concept with a disappointing delivery. 0

And it all started with an idea. That’s what APOX's epitaph will read one day, long after everyone has forgotten about it.  As modern warfare is a crowded theme to say the least, it’s not easy to pick either a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) or a First Person Shooter (FPS) in that genre, which you can make stand out of the crowd. Therefore, Indian developer Bluegiant Interactive thought to blend these two things into one and set you in some sort of post-apocalyptic world straight out of Mad Max,...

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Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake on PSP is a fistful of fun! 0

 Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake is one of the bigger campaigns, regarding Sony's attempt to revitalize their handheld system. After a successful release for PS3, a new strategy game was created for PSP, with an updated campaign, maps and so forth. Anyway, as you might've guessed, the game revolves around a robust princess and her surroundings. In the single-player campaign, you'll get to know the entire legend of said girl and why she became so round. You'll learn all about the accursed...

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An amazingly entertaining experience, even with horrible flaws 6

 Paradox Interactive is mostly known for their work on very serious and complex strategy games in line of Europa Universalis, where you take on the role of a dictator and manage an empire with your vast knowledge. This is no laughing matter, as there are treaties to sign, research to be done and more very stern tasks. Magicka is not one of these games.    They look tough now, but these colorful bathrobes are going to die more deaths than the Suicide Bunnies.   Qui...

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Super Mario Kart is a milestone when it comes to racing games. 0

What can be said about Super Mario Kart that most of us don't know already? I'd think very little; everybody knows this is a quality title. From small to big and young to old, the whole world knows Mario Kart and the quality it stands for. And that quality stands for dozens of hours in gameplay fun. That's why this review will mostly concentrate on the minor points that are lesser known from this crown jewel.       First of all, let's hastily revise the strong poin...

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It should be an axiom of what games should be like on PSP. 0

 After a few releases on PS3, it was time for this exclusive franchise to drop an addition on its little brother. Resistance: Retribution on PSP tells a new tale with an equally novel hero. Though James Grayson, British ex-military and now convict, is much more of an anti-hero. With his crude demeanor and crass vocabulary, he will swear up a storm all the way from Rotterdam to Paris, where the story takes place. This is exacerbated by the fact the Chimera killed his brother and turned him...

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It's all about risk versus reward in this game 0

  Crack Down is a top-down action shooter, like a modern Gauntlet, released on Sega Mega Drive in 1990. Raise your hand if you thought this was going to be a recent Xbox 360 release. No no no young Bucky, the game industry has just lost its ingenuity to come up with original titles, like the movie industry before it. Soon enough Silent Hill will tell tales of an impaired lass trying to grow up in the rural, Midwest mountains and Gears Of War will be a battlemech tycoon simulator. A...

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For a Gameboy game it's both an original racer and a leading game 0

 Nigel Mansell was Magnum PI's brother, who decided to trade the exciting life of a detective for the thrills of Formula 1 racing. Not only that, but he was also savvy to the new hype of video games at the time. And thus he branded his name on a dozen or so games, coming out on just about any platform available at the time. Mario wasn't the only popular moustache, oh no! He had some stiff, upper lip competition from this Brit person. Anyway, the Gameboy version of Nigel Mansell's World Ch...

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Not the best RPG by far, but one of the best on PSP. 0

We Europeans don't get to experience the glory of Japanese games a lot and so RPGs have always been in shortage on PSP. In fact, I don't recall a lot of RPGs being made for the handheld at all. And Tales Of Eternia isn't any different, as it is a port of an older PS1 title. This was before the days of PSN and thus it was treated as a PSP release. The rules of roleplay apply here as always: The bad guy is out to destroy something, so you and your party are going to stop that. At leas...

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On this note, I'll conclude Zone Of The Enders: It's just not wor 0

 Let's get this out of the way: Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner (ZOE2) is everything its predecessor should've been; bigger, better, bolder. Now let's talk about its own merits. We're still in a distant, apocalyptic future where giant robots, called Orbital Frames, are used as a military force to conquer the entire universe. A resource called Metatron is the most powerful energy to be found and it is a critical asset in the war between organizations. In this quest for domination 2 part...

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In one word: a shortcoming 0

  Long before Michael Bay mangled Transformers, there already were robots with lots of flash, exploding everything in town. In Zone Of The Enders, we call these shiny ninjas ‘Orbital Frames’. In a post-apocalyptic world, they are the main fighting force and used for space battle throughout the universe. Yes, people now have access to the universe and have even left Earth. It’s more fun to destroy someone else’s territory anyway.  Cheer up, emokid. Hideo Kojima has a unique mind and we see that ...

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It has various flaws, but it's also unique on its system 0

 An elf with pointy ears and a sword, going about a forest rich environment slaying orcs and other weird creatures, where have we seen that before? Alundra is an RPG-adventure story like the days of old would have it. A silent hero, a world in distress, an open map filled with areas and dungeons and a lot of items to help you along each quest; all the elements are there. The story starts on a boat, heading for the village of Inoa. While on that boat, the main character, Alundra himself, ...

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Paper Mario is, without doubt, the best Mario game ever created! 0

 Let's start with a small prologue: I do not usually review well-known games, as I feel most players already know that it's solid. This is an exception, because this game deserves all the attention it can get. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (TTYD) is an RPG that sets Mario in search for the 7 Crystal Stars. He needs those so he can thwart the plans of Grodus and his gang of baddies. These weird moon critters have taken Princess Peach hostage and are looking for the Crystal Stars, so ...

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Not unplayable, but if you're not into it, you won't get into it. 0

 What could be better than reading comics? Playing with comics and seeing those characters dance to your will. It is in theory, at least. I'll try to keep it brief: Marvel Trading Card Game holds something only for fans of this particular TCG. And in the very large spectrum of available games, this isn't quite the large audience one would suspect. I started with the idea that I love comics. Spider-man was one of my favourite cartoons and seeing those come to life from the very first chapt...

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Mediocre and easy don't mix with F1 realism 0

 When I finished this game and wanted to review it, my search to find it's release in Europe led to no results. I was curious as to why my game was nowhere on the internet. That's because my European release cartridge said "Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving" and apparently that's only the release name for the Japanese version. Odd that I have a European version that says otherwise. So, this review of Redline: F-1 Racer is in fact the same, but with a different name. Poet, don't even know it...

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Pinball is a real time-eater! 0

 With all the modern flash around this day, who would remember a game like Pinball on the original NES system? Well, I myself didn't think much of it, until I actually picked it up and played it. Like any classic NES game, this game offers players the basic needs of entertaining gameplay. In the concept that less is more, Pinball does just what it needs to do: It provides a stimulating way for you to play and keep on playing. With little to no extra substance in the game and 2 static scre...

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The fuzz is the least of your worries on this godforsaken field 0

 Zooming into fifth gear easily, High Speed is yet another game published by Rare on the NES. Back in the day, Rare used to bring out a slew of game and built itself up to be a powerhouse, through hard work. It later on would bring us a series of classics on the N64 and would, later still, kind of vanish into thin air. It's one of the things I regret about the game industry, as it did have talent. I own a lot of Rare games on the NES and most are good. Now, is High Speed one of those game...

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RPG or FPS, Battlefield Heroes will have what you need. 0

 Remember the first Battlefield and when it came out? I sure do. It wasn't even fully released and the demo servers were packed constantly. Even months after it's release, people were still massively playing the demo for countless hours on end. That's how addictive and innovative this game was! I'd spend days over at a friends house and completely abused his hospitality and internet connection to play this for days and days. Eighteen hour sessions and all. I just sent him a random message...

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Spongebob is Metroid for 7-year olds! 0

 "Ah, scenic Bikini Bottom. Home to Spongebob Squarepants and his pals. Look here, our hero is out for a walk with his pet snail Gary. How nice. OH NO! Gary smells kelp nip! He's running away! What will Spongebob do?" With these lines SpongeBob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman tries to set us up for a grand adventure featuring everyone's favorite sponge ever created. But will they succeed in this endeavor? Let's follow Spongebob for a while and see. Our yellow friend starts b...

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Barbie has world's biggest lungs! 0

 I got Barbie: Ocean Adventure in a set of different games and like a good gamer, you test each one, even if you don't like it. Let's say I'm not the target audience for this one. I'm a 25 year old male and I think the nice people at Mattel want to reach a younger, less hairy audience. If you are over 10 and playing this other than the purpose of writing a review for it, please go out in the real world and buy a budget game, then play that. Is that an omen that this game is bad? Well, fra...

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Like a rollercoaster ride, it's short, but exciting! 0

 Rescue: The Embassy Mission sets the scene in a foreign city, where terrorists have taken over an embassy and taken the employees hostage; a common terrorist action during the 80's. Fed up with this situation, the government decides it's time for action and they send in a SWAT team to liberate the embassy of all hostile activity. This being said, it's time to see what the game has to offer. You start by choosing a difficulty level between lieutenant, captain and officer, after which you...

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