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Family Halloween 2008: Bleach

I haven't worn a costume for Halloween in a long time.  It's been at least... I actually can't remember how long it's been. Probably over a decade.

This year my wife asked me what I was going to be for Halloween.
"You and the baby should be Kenpachi and Yachiru from Bleach"

Basically, the idea was too good for me to pass up. Kenpachi is a large spiky haired  guy that looks like a Samurai. He has a lieutenant that resembles a little pink haired girl that sits on his shoulder. My wife decided to be another character from Bleach so that we could have a family theme.

Rangiku, Yachiru and Kenpachi
Rangiku, Yachiru and Kenpachi

It's strange. I only started to watch Bleach after my daughter was born. After I got home from work I would watch my daughter until midnight, while my wife got some sleep. I watched Cowboy Beebop on Cartoon Network because I heard it was good. Airing around Cowboy Beebop was Inuyasha and Bleach. I ended up watching all of them.

My daughter and I at her 1st birthday party
My daughter and I at her 1st birthday party

Family Halloween 2008
Family Halloween 2008

Halloween was grand. It was like being a kid again. Except I didn't get any candy this year.
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1K Points and still so much to do!

I've hit the 1,000 points mark.

After dinking around with wiki submittals and testing the site, I decided to focus on one game. That game is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. I've been toiling away to make this site an excellent source for the game. Although I didn't write the actual game description, I did add most of the characters, locations, and objects that are on the database for this particular game. The thing is...there is still so much more to do. I haven't even really touched any of the expansions.

Weird thing is...I still don't seem to have live edit privileges. I assume that I need to be toggled to live edit under my permissions or maybe 1,001 points is the real live edit number. No big deal, the moderation is going pretty fast these days.


1,000 point temptation

This Wiki editing is truly addicting. I didn’t realize that filling in a database could be so intriguing. There is a real sense of ownership that this site can provide its users. For instance, Brother Captain Gabriel Angelos is on this site because of me. I added him. Roughly 15,000 users can read information, add information, and include him in a list. That’s kind of an exhilarating feeling. I can only imagine that filling in an entire main article that’s properly formatted and includes even the most miniscule detail must feel exponentially better.

I’m kind of tempted to blast up screenshots until I reach 1,000 points.

Let me backup.

When the 1,000 point live edit was first announced, it didn’t really appeal to me. I kind of wanted my additions to the site to go through some kind of filter. So I happily picked a few games that I wanted to fill out details for. I went to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and noticed that there was a lot of missing elements. There were no characters, locations, or objects. So I submitted Gabriel Angelos for approval.  A few days later, when he was approved, I thought – cool. I decided to add more characters. The problem is, as I got more excited about adding new information, my patience started to dissapear.

So now I’m at a whopping 63 points, and I’m dying to make live edits. I’ve noticed that some of the games that I submitted articles for now have articles that weren't written by me populating the page. It’s frustrating to get beat to the punch. I have a bad feeling that getting points are going to become more and more difficult as time goes on. As more 1,000 live edit, and 5,000 point page addition, permissions are given, the amount of information on the site will grow ever faster. Soon it will become a mad dash to find obscure games to write about. I want to be a part of that mad dash.

The thing is I’m not looking for the easy route to 1,000. I want to add content that I’m interested in. More importantly, I want to add content that I already know about. I don’t want to re-word a game review on Gamespot for a game I’ve never played just to get points. I don’t want to add 500 sceenshots to two galleries each, so that I can get live edit credentials…but I’m so tempted.


In the beginning, Jeff created the Bomb.

It is an honor and a privilege to post this, my first blog on

This is the first day of the beta for this site and I am now a part of its genesis. It feels kind of weird. Many years from now, when this site has ‘blown up’, I’ll look back here…at the beginning.

I hope that this site has many years of success and that it can avoid some of the pitfalls that the giantbomb’s editorial staff has come across in the past.

I can’t help looking back at all of the years that I saw Jeff at Gamespot. I miss the days when he was in the co-host seat “On the Spot.” I remember all of the Hotspots that he recorded.

Let this be the beginning of a bold new experiment for the crew at the Giantbomb. May this site explode for many years to come.