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Family Halloween 2008: Bleach

I haven't worn a costume for Halloween in a long time.  It's been at least... I actually can't remember how long it's been. Probably over a decade.

This year my wife asked me what I was going to be for Halloween.
"You and the baby should be Kenpachi and Yachiru from Bleach"

Basically, the idea was too good for me to pass up. Kenpachi is a large spiky haired  guy that looks like a Samurai. He has a lieutenant that resembles a little pink haired girl that sits on his shoulder. My wife decided to be another character from Bleach so that we could have a family theme.

Rangiku, Yachiru and Kenpachi
Rangiku, Yachiru and Kenpachi

It's strange. I only started to watch Bleach after my daughter was born. After I got home from work I would watch my daughter until midnight, while my wife got some sleep. I watched Cowboy Beebop on Cartoon Network because I heard it was good. Airing around Cowboy Beebop was Inuyasha and Bleach. I ended up watching all of them.

My daughter and I at her 1st birthday party
My daughter and I at her 1st birthday party

Family Halloween 2008
Family Halloween 2008

Halloween was grand. It was like being a kid again. Except I didn't get any candy this year.
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