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In the beginning, Jeff created the Bomb.

It is an honor and a privilege to post this, my first blog on

This is the first day of the beta for this site and I am now a part of its genesis. It feels kind of weird. Many years from now, when this site has ‘blown up’, I’ll look back here…at the beginning.

I hope that this site has many years of success and that it can avoid some of the pitfalls that the giantbomb’s editorial staff has come across in the past.

I can’t help looking back at all of the years that I saw Jeff at Gamespot. I miss the days when he was in the co-host seat “On the Spot.” I remember all of the Hotspots that he recorded.

Let this be the beginning of a bold new experiment for the crew at the Giantbomb. May this site explode for many years to come.