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Looper 1 Paragraph Review

In Rian Johnson’s first big budget Hollywood film he decides to reteam with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick) to create one of the best sci-fi films of the past decade. In Looper, Levitt plays a man named Joe who works for the mob in a squad of assassins known by the public as the titular “Loopers”. Levitt delivers a rock solid performance and guides you through the universe Johnson creates with charismatic ease. While Levitt might be the star Bruce Willis steals the show as the older Joe who is transported back in time as a hit for Joe but has a secret agenda of his own. The plot Is intricately planned out and takes many unexpected twists and turns that leads up to a heart-wrenching ending. This film is practically perfect in every way and Rian Johnson is proving to be one of the most talented and diverse directors of this past decade.


My Game Of Show for E3

Sorry that I have not posted anything at all since my introduction blog. I have been a bit busy with end of school year stuff. So this years E3 lineup was an interesting mix of a few cool new IPs and a bunch of Uncharted clones. My favorite game this year was Lego Batman 2.

What made the original Lego Batman appealing to me was how a majority of the characters felt different to play as compared to the other Lego series (e.g. Star Wars, Pirates, Harry Potter) along with the ability to play as the villain though a similar campaign. In the sequel all of the features from the original return with some massive improvements.

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First, the addition of the Justice League was a clever way of shaking up the story and adding a bunch of fresh faces to a story that could have been a dull retread of the first game. The conflict between Batman and Superman seems genuine even though the game's story and dialogue is created for a much younger audience. Also the addition of characters such as Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman give the game some needed variation in play style with their unique abilities giving you different options when you face groups of baddies.

Expanding the universe of Lego Gotham from 2.5D to a fully traversible 3D Map was ingenious. With several character having the ability to fly the world is easy to traverse and access many of the different levels. Now, while I like this new world it does come off as a bit of a knock off of Arkham City, but that is OK since Arkham City was one of my favorite games of the past year.

So while people might discount this game as just another kid-oriented beat 'em up this game was one of the most exciting things to come out of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo and I hope many of you will pick this game up when it is released on June 19.



Foreword: Ignore my terrible writing it is early in the morning for me. Hey guys, it's dabobsta and I feel like starting a blog. I am curently a senior in high school and a self-professed video game addict. i enjoy pretty much all types of video games, from action-adventure to RPG to racing to sports to fighting and whatever else is out there. I currently own an Xbox 360 and a pretty good gaming PC. right now I am currently playing Rage, Mass Effect 3, and L.A. Noire. Mini-Bio I currently live in Florida and plan on attending a community college for two years while I save up to attend UCLA or USC for English and evetually get an MFA in screenwriting.