The Period of Greatness and Collapse of the Ternate Kingdom in Complete

The Great Age and Collapse of the Ternate Kingdom

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The Greatness and Collapse of Ternate : History, Political and Economic Legacy - Initially in Maluku there were 4 kingdoms namely Ternate, Tidore. Bacan and Jailolo. Between the 4 kingdoms, there was always a dispute over the spice-producing regions (= cloves, paladan mace). Eventually the kingdom of France held an important position. Bandar Ternate became the center of the spice trade in North Maluku.

The spread of Islam Religion Into the 15th Century

The religion of Islam spread into the 15th century. Traders from West Indonesia in particular and Java had come to trade in Maluku. They brought goods needed by the people, such as: red rice, salt, and textiles. Instead the traders buy spices to be traded to the cities around the Straits of Malacca.

Ternate - Tidore Competition :

Ternate - Tidore Competition. For centuries there has been competition between Ternate and Tidore - opposition. Both Ternate and Tidore always tried to master all the spices. That led to the emergence of 2 alliances which broke the unity of the people of Maluku.

The two alliances are:

  1. Alliance 5 (= uli-lima) is led by Ternate.
  2. Alliance 9 (= uli-siwa) was led by Tidore.

Ternate relations with the Portuguese

Ternate's relations with the Portuguese. The Portuguese first arrived in Maluku in 1512. They were welcomed by Ternate and Tidore. Furthermore, both Ternate and Tidore tried to attract the Portuguese to their side. Both offered to the Portuguese to establish a permanent base there and become the sole buyer of cloves;

The offer of Ternate and Tidore

Ternate and Tidore's offer has two objectives:

  • So that the Portuguese becomes a regular customer to bring in large profits.
  • So that the Portuguese become a loyal ally in order to face their opponents or rivals.

The Portuguese eventually chose to ally or friend with Ternate. As a realization and alliance, in 1 521 the Portuguese established the fortress of Saint Paolo in Ternate. With the fortress of Saint Paolo as its power base, the Portuguese step by step wanted to control the entire Moluccas. The Sultan of Ternate, namely Hairun with his son Baabullah was forced to recognize the authority of the king of Portugal (1564).

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