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I am in a hotel room right now and they have a computer, I was watching the news for Kingston and apparently my street  and around my neighborhood has been flooded! first time ever in Kingston has had a major flooding incident. Here is the problem my basement will flood a little bit if it rains pretty hard, two years ago it was a flooded completely! had to get my whole basement replaced. That was not even a flood! I bought a new water pump but it is still not stopping the water from coming into my basement. Now if this is a pretty bad flood and it looked like it, my basement would be flooded, I am estimating at least one foot and max three foot if this is true then everything in my basement is finished(  tv, couch, new computer I built around 1500-2000 dollars, my new fucking carpet and who knows what else in the storage room. It's going to be over $15000 of damage, my basement floods pretty easily with rain if this is a flooding on streets then I am totally fucking BONED. Isn't that great for someone who is just came back from a fucking vacation, now they're could be a chance that it's no flooded but it's very unlikely we will just have to wait till tomorrow. I will keep you updated! Let's hope nothing has happened please...:(   

    I live near there

I'm back...FOREVER!

What a great Vacation I had, one week of relaxation and the other non-stop action and excitement! Universal was absolutely amazing, the new Harry Potter ride was fucking crazy, all the simulated rides are great. Hulk is my second favorite roller coaster right behind the BEHEMOTH! Cape Coral is a very nice place, drove down to see Naples that's a place where I would live when I am old, such a beautiful city. 
My friend saw this deal to go on a one day cruise to the Bahamas... why not! I got cash to spend, turned out to be really great, the beaches are great the water is clear for a change! It's been a really long vacation and I am ready to go back to reality. So much happened on my vacation I am just to lazy to type it down, maybe a blog or something in the future I dunno, I know one thing though it's good to be back! Also Claude the weather in Florida was fucking  crazy and awesome, little bit of THUNDER little bit LIGHTING!   and this...


GOODBYE...for now

I am going to Florida tomorrow well actually Syracuse then Florida but I will be gone for a bit just to let you guys know in case your wondering where I am but I know you won't care so... I probably won't be on for the up coming weeks. but this is just a farewell for now! I will be listening to the dozens of bombcasts I have to catch up while I am on the plane!
Farewell duders!



Made a FEW! forums about this but i decided to lock them because it would be much easier to do a blog about them thanks to RiotBananas :)
So here you go all my improvised mixes(did it in one go without knowing the song) The only new one I have that I made today was Booming that would probably be my favourite.
There are some hiccups in some of my mixes but only because I was fucking around and trying new stuff!  Hope you guys enjoy! That's not my real Dj name by the way 
bubbles is my new one!


I feel good

 I asked my brother one time, "what is your all time favorite game of ALL time" and It took him awhile but then he said suikoden 2. I asked why don't you have it "because  I rented it instead of buying it  and it cost a shit ton to buy from other people in this day and age". So that got me thinking, how about I surprise him. I looked for the best deal which i found one it included: suikoden 1 and 2 a special coin from suikoden 4 and a soundtrack from the 1st and 2nd game. The price was a lot but I said what the hell  hes my brother. It came to a total to $150 which is a lot more then the games that come out today and the collectors editions. It  took 2 weeks to get to my house, the disks were in perfect condition. I made sure that i put suikoden 1 on the top because he already has the first one but he said he will never play the first, so now he has 2 suikoden 1s. I put the 2nd right under the bottom so he couldn't see then the coin and soundtrack in the middle. I gave him the box and he opens it, I can tell the look on his face that he was not that excited because he already has the first one. He takes the soundtrack and coin out and was about to give me a hug, I said their is more look at the bottom. He moves the white shit that was in the box, right away he knew that it was suikoden 2 by the box art. All of a sudden he starts freaking out and goes crazy like he was a child again, he was so surprised and gave me a big hug. That made me feel really good that he can go play his all time favorite game again.
I just thought I would share that with you.
p.s I would do the same thing again in a heartbeat.



After watching the Grammys i said to myself fuck the music industry all the people that got nominated for any award basically sounded the same. I know plenty of bands or artists that are so damn good they don't get nominated. The grammys is just a bunch of pop stars, little girls love em. I used to love the grammys when it was about the music but not anymore and i feel sad because of that. The only performance that was any good i think is the one that pink did that was class, and also their were barely any awards that were handed out because the people that were controlling the presentation just wanted to see more music than awards being handed out. I remember before that handed out a lot of awards and maybe had about 6 performances or less. Now it's all just performances, i think there was only 5-7 awards handed out  in a 4 HOUR show. That is just unbelievable they should of cut some of the acts on the air and give more awards, plus the music was not that great at all. I feel sad what that the music has turned this way in the past ten years or so, it's a true shame.
        Also  some of the show was not aired on television because their was more  singing. I would of rather watched the parts that got cut out then listen to bad music.
   Taylor swift won BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR........................................WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha  that is just BAD! i realize now that I'm going  to stop watching that show from now on. As i said i am very disappointed of what music has become in the last 10 years.
I hope you fellow giantbomb members agree with me:)